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Important to stay legal - what is the EC type approval?

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Important to stay legal - what is the EC type approval?

[Update: 17.10.2023] This post was updatedto take more recent information into account. You are only allowed to drive your vehicle if you comply with all regulations when tuning. You must have the TÜV check whether the measures taken comply with the regulations and whether the car complies with all common guidelines. Only if there are no complaints will you receive EC type approval. This ensures that the car is roadworthy and does not pose a danger to other road users, which is why EC type approval increases road safety. There are differences in EC type approval that you need to be aware of.

the EC type approval

There are EC type approvals for type vehicles, individual vehicles and vehicle parts. The EC type approval is unlimited in time, but there are special regulations through which the EC type approval can be revoked. Changes that do not comply with the prescribed regulations are the main reason. The EC type approval is a national measure. There are regulations in the EU that ensure that you can move your car throughout Europe without any problems.

Important to stay legal - what is the EC type approval?

The different types of EC type-approval

In the case of individual approval, the authorities confirm that a car, a specific part, a system or a technical device complies with the prescribed rules. This gives these components, in the sense of the Road Traffic Act, a approval, which is why you can use these components without hesitation. Another variant of the EC type approval is the certificate of conformity. The manufacturer guarantees that the system, the unit or another component complies with all legal requirements and is therefore permitted to be installed.

the manufacturer may be liable

For you as a user, the risk of the TÜV refusing an operating license is therefore reduced. If this is the case, then the producer is liable for this, which is why you can take legal action against them. Data confirmation is also a possibility that you need to know. The producer ensures that the entire car complies with all guideline and limit values, which is why the sale of a specific model is allowed. The values ​​during production and in the development phase are compared with those prescribed by the authorities.

Important to stay legal - what is the EC type approval?

Still other aspects of EC type-approvals

So you have to find out what a General operating permit (ABE) is. If a group wants to place a certain model on the market as a series, it must obtain this type of EC type approval. If it is granted, this confirms that all vehicles in this series meet the guidelines and that you, as an interested party, can buy the vehicle without hesitation. the Individual operating permit (EBE) However, the responsible vehicle registration office issues it. This only applies to a special car that comes from abroad, for example, and does not yet have EC type approval.

FAQ on the topic:

  1. What is EC type approval? The EC type-approval is a certification that states that a vehicle, a system, a component or an independent technical unit meets the requirements of the European Directive (RL) 2007/46/EC. This ensures that all vehicles and their components within the EU are manufactured and tested according to the same standards.
  2. Where can I find the type approval of my vehicle? If your vehicle has received EC type approval, you will find the corresponding number on the type label of the vehicle.
  3. What does the type approval number mean? The number K on the nameplate proves that the vehicle type has been approved for series production. This means that it is classified as roadworthy. The date next to the K indicates when EC type approval has been granted.
  4. Who is responsible for granting EC type approval? In Germany the EC type-approval issued by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA).
  5. Do I have to register an EC permit? No, vehicles or parts with one EC type-approval are permitted in all EU countries and do not need to be additionally registered.
  6. What is the EC operating permit? A vehicle part with EC type approval complies with European and therefore also national regulations. These parts come with a E-mark characterized.
  7. What does “EC registration-free” mean? If a part the EC approval it does not need to be entered additionally. However, it should meet the specified noise and safety standards.
  8. What does a vehicle part mean “without EC approval”? A pair of E in a circle is recognized in the EU and in some non-EU countries. However, parts with an E in a box must be registered in the EU and should have a certificate.
  9. Do parts have to be registered with an e-mark? No, share with one e-mark do not need to be additionally approved or registered.
Important to stay legal - what is the EC type approval?
Individual operating permit (EBE) "may" be necessary for the Corvette

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Important to stay legal - what is the EC type approval?

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Important to stay legal - what is the EC type approval?

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Important to stay legal - what is the EC type approval?

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Important to stay legal - what is the EC type approval?

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Important to stay legal - what is the EC type approval?

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Important to stay legal - what is the EC type approval?

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