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Emissions standards, costs, laws: that will change in 2021!

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Motor vehicle tax increase costs Exhaust gas increase 3 exhaust standards, costs, laws: That will change in 2021!

For many, 2020 was not a particularly great year due to the Corona crisis. Therefore, some are hoping for an improvement in the overall situation in 2021. Of course, we cannot say how the situation will change with regard to Corona. But what we can say is what will change for drivers and motorcyclists in the coming year. These are not serious changes such as the StVO amendment or the increase in the environmental premium this year - nonetheless, it is good to know the changes that we will introduce below.

Vehicle tax and insurance contributions

Motor vehicle tax increase costs Exhaust emission standards, costs, laws: That will change in 2021!Anyone who drives an SUV or a highly motorized sports car will most certainly not think about the environmentally-oriented one that will take hold next year Motor vehicle tax reform be happy. Because of this, owners of such vehicles will have to pay more taxes. This affects new vehicles that emit more than 115 g CO / km. Owners of a vehicle that emits less than 95 g CO / km, however, save 30 euros in taxes per year. Motor insurance may also have higher premiums because the Type classes be revised annually in the event of damage. The difference can be significant for a Tesla Model S, for example, with up to 250 euros. Other vehicles such as the Seat Arona 1.5 (since 2017), on the other hand, are improving in terms of the type class.

Here you can calculate the vehicle tax

Price increase for new and used cars

Sales contract sell a car Document Document Emission standards, costs, laws: that will change in 2021!

Because of the stricter CO guidelines, dealers will have to increase the prices for vehicles accordingly. Furthermore, the VAT will rise again to the regular 19 percent. The bonus for buying an electric car will remain in place for the time being. With this bonus, up to 9000 euros can be saved when buying a new electric car. The new directive states that newly registered cars must not emit more than 95 grams of CO per kilometer. With a gasoline engine this corresponds to a consumption of 4,1 liters and with a diesel one a consumption of 3,6 liters. The decisive factor here, however, is the so-called fleet limit value. The fleet limit describes the average of all vehicles that were registered in the EU in one year. And that fleet limit should not exceed the new limit of 95 g CO / km. This means that not every vehicle has to comply with the fleet limit. That limit is to be reduced again by at least 2030 percent by 37,5.

Fiat-Chrysler cooperates with Tesla

Strictly speaking, this limit already applied to 95 percent of new vehicles this year. The loosening of the rules too much is often criticized here, as taking the weight into account gives heavy vehicles an advantage. A positive aspect, however, is that manufacturers of vehicles that consume particularly little receive a credit. Not much changes for the customer due to the stricter values. What can be said, however, is a slight increase in prices. For this reason, companies such as Fiat-Chrysler, which have an extremely large CO fleet, have merged with Tesla, which results in a so-called CO pool. This is a trick on the part of the company, which aims to avoid fines due to increased values.

Tesla builds new plant near Berlin

Tesla Plant Berlin Emissions standards, costs, laws: that will change in 2021!

In contrast to some German manufacturers, Tesla is not saving, but is planning to open a plant near Berlin. It is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2021, so that from this point onwards, electric cars can roll off the production line at this plant. The company plans to produce up to 500.000 models per year.

Euro 5 for motorcycles

Motorcycle tuning tuning blog e1600836792522 Emission standards, costs, laws: that will change in 2021!

From January 1st of the coming year, the Euro 5 emissions standard will apply to all new registrations on the motorcycle market. 125 are also affected. The new emissions standard is around a third stricter than the homologation that became necessary in 2016 due to the Euro 4 standard introduced at the time. The norms are unpopular with many riders because they think they have a negative effect on the sound of the motorcycle.

Color of the TÜV badges

Everyone who has one on his vehicle yellow Has HU badge, must go to TÜV in the coming year. If this goes well, you get it pink Badge that is valid until 2023.

Automatic consumption measurement

From January 1, 2021, it will be mandatory for all car manufacturers to disclose the real consumption to the EU Commission. This is done by the On-Board Fuel Consumption Meter, or OBFCM for short, which must be installed in new vehicles from next year. This rule has been mandatory for type approvals since the beginning of this year. A test phase in which the consumption specified by the manufacturer is compared with the actual consumption will run until 2026.

Modified eco label

Since December 1st 2011 there is a Eco label for cars. This can be compared quite well with the labels for electrical appliances. This label takes into account consumption, energy efficiency and the scale ranges from A plus (green sticker) to G (red sticker). This is often referred to as a fraudulent label because the classification is not very transparent and relates the vehicle weight to the CO emissions. For this reason, an adjustment of the label is in the room in 2021 - what this will look like in the end is still debated by the Environment and Economics Ministries.

Toll fees in neighboring countries

Toll fees Austria Emissions standards, costs, laws: that will change in 2021!

Starting next year, an annual vignette for cars in Austria (apple green) costs 92,50 euros. It costs 2 euros for 27,80 months and 10 euros for 9,50 days. Motorcyclists pay 36,70 euros for the annual vignette, 2 euros for 13,90 months and 10 euros for 5,50 days. Compared to this year, this is an increase of 1,5 percent. Failure to comply will result in the payment of a replacement toll of 120 euros. Those who cannot pay this immediately must pay a fine of at least 300 euros. This year's annual vignette for Switzerland is still valid until January 31, 2021. Unfortunately, it is still unknown what the new vignettes will cost.

Future of the auto industry not certain!

The coming year will probably be an eventful year for the automotive industry, which is a key industry in Germany. After all, around 800.000 jobs depend both directly and indirectly on the automotive industry.

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