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EU consumer protection: new EU tire label 2021!

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clearance certificate tire tuning 3 EU consumer protection: new EU tire label 2021!

The new EU tire label is supposed to from May 2021 Inform consumers more comprehensively about certain tire properties. Label classes of Rolling resistance and Wet braking values have been rearranged. The letters A, B to C classify the Noise classification and the Decibel indication. And end users can now receive individual tire data via QR-Code from the EU database download. Two newly introduced bookmarks indicate whether the winter tires have a tested snow adhesion have that due to the EU type approval with a Snowflake icon is applied to its side wall or whether there is a unpicked tire with ice adhesion according to the newly introduced ISO standard is. The values ​​of tires intended for heavy commercial vehicles Class C3 also have to go May 2021 be provided with EU tire label information.

EU tire label 2021 Change in EU consumer protection: New EU tire label 2021!
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With the EU tire label 2021, the Tire classes A, B and C unchanged, at C1 and C2 tires for Cars and Light trucks on the other hand, those previously used for rolling resistance and wet grip Class D not assigned with the values ​​from the old one Class E. filled. The Class E. again takes over the values ​​of the old Class F and G. This is how the label should clearer and easier to interpret .

There is a QR code on the top right of the tire label

Consumers can do more Informations to certain tires about the QR-Code on the right side Download from the internet at the top of the tire label. You can access the so-called EPREL database (European Product Registry for Energy Labeling) where the Product data sheet, English Product Information Sheet. On the data sheet you can find all values of the tire label you are looking for and the Start of production As well as the end of production. Tire manufacturers put the underlying product information individually into the EPREL database, and the relevant classification into label classes is also carried out by the manufacturer.

EU tire label 2021 Amendment 2 EU consumer protection: New EU tire label 2021!
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The newly introduced EU tire label should enable consumers fuel efficient tires to buy and at the same time information about theirs Braking distance to get. The decision for low rolling resistance Tires can be used for end users and for commercial users, in terms of expenditure for the fuel, clear savings simultaneously lower emissions mean. And there is more and more understandable road safety through clear information for adhesion in wet conditions. And the information about the Passing noise contribute to one caused by the vehicles lower noise pollution to reach. The EU is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by year 2050 a climate neutrality to reach. The reduction of CO2 emissions in road traffic plays a major role here.

  • Regulation also applies to Bus and truck tires (Tire classes C1, C2, C3)
  • New information on the label (Tire type identifier = Item no.)
  • New scaling for the lower label classes:
    E becomes D, class D is no longer empty (applies to C1 / C2 tires) F and G combine them into E.
  • Noise class display is new:
    ABC classification instead of previous sound waves
  • New pictograms:
    Snow (3PMSF) + ice logo / ice logo just C1 tires (car)
  • QR-Code for all tire type identifications with a link to the EU product database (EPREL)

EU tire label 2021 Amendment 3 EU consumer protection: New EU tire label 2021!

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