Worthwhile retrofitting older diesel vehicles to Euro 6 standard!

[Update: 18.09.2023] This post was updatedto take more recent information into account. Anyone who is still driving an older diesel runs the risk of being "excluded" in some cities and communities if the vehicle dies Euro standard 6 not fulfilled. It was primarily the diesel scandal about deliberately glossed over exhaust gas values ​​that permanently damaged the image of these cars. And in the meantime, even the new emission standard is already emerging Euro 7 that hardly any older diesel-based combustion engine can meet, which many also see as an intention. But there are ways to own your beloved, reliable diesel vehicle to retrofit!

Retrofit Euro standard 6

  • The SCR system for the Euro 5 diesel
  • An SCR system developed by SK Handels GmbH
  • The NeoPlus retrofit system from Oberland Mangold GmbH
  • Diesel retrofit systems from dr pley by bosal are available especially for certain Mercedes and Volvo models
  • Automobile manufacturers rely more on software updates.
  • With the disadvantage of slightly higher consumption, a software update can reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by an average of 60 percent.
  • Retrofitting is not planned for diesel vehicles of Euro 4 standard or even older cars.

Retrofit to Euro standard 6

For diesel vehicles that already meet the Euro 5 standard, a SCR cat be retrofitted in the sense of an additional exhaust gas cleaning. Although the government assumed at the time that the car manufacturers would fully bear the costs for this type of hardware upgrade, unfortunately practice shows that this is not always the case and that at least part of the costs are left behind. In this regard, BMW and Volvo in particular are almost completely stubborn. Mercedes and VW limit their “charity” for approved retrofits to a maximum of €3.000, accepting contributions from certified third parties.

Since the introduction of the Euro 6 standard, diesel cars have had to AdBlue refuel, otherwise it is not possible to comply with the deliberately low limit values. This is a liquid urea mixture that neutralizes a large part of the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases inside an SCR catalytic converter.

software upgrade

In principle, car manufacturers prefer one software upgrade for vehicles that already have the Euro standard 5 fulfill. The aim is to override the automatic shutdown of the exhaust gas recirculation when the temperature is too low. Just by changing the software, emissions of nitrogen oxides can be reduced by up to 60 percent. However, the downside is that this may increase engine wear because the exhaust gases are recirculated at low temperatures. This may also increase consumption.

NeoPlus from Oberland Mangold GmbH

With the help of this hardware retrofit, the emission of harmful particles in the exhaust gas is significantly reduced. This is primarily used in vehicles from the Volkswagen Group that were factory-fitted with an SCR system but whose performance was not sufficient. The following can be retrofitted in this way:

  • VW Sharan 2.0 TDI
  • Seat Alhambra 2.0 TDI
  • Audi Q5 2.0 TDI quattro automatic

Furthermore, Oberland Mangold GmbH offers an effective particle filter system (Particulate Cat) that can be used flexibly in vehicles from Audi, VW, Citroën, Peugeot, Mercedes, Fiat, Ford, Nissan, Renault, Skoda and Seat.

Retrofit offers: SK Handels GmbH

SK Handels GmbH is a car dealership with an integrated paint shop and workshop, which also sells products (catalyst systems) from diesel particulate filters HJS sells. A large number of diesel vehicles can be retrofitted with SCR solutions using the SK products. The company currently offers the following upgrades to Euro 6 standard on its website:

  • Campers & RVs to Rent
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • VW Caddy
  • Fiat Ducato

You can see that the focus here is more on commercial vehicles and small vans. Exhaust aftertreatment consists of separating the nitrogen oxides in the catalytic converter into nitrogen and water vapour, with the AdBlue supplied largely binding the nitrogen. In this way, according to the company, the harmful nitrogen oxides can be reduced by up to 90 percent.

Conversion kits for Euro 5 vehicles from dr pley by bosal

This special hardware solution for SCR systems focuses on the Volvo models S60, V60, V70, XC60 and XC70 as well as on the Mercedes CDI models C180 to C250, E200 to E250 and GLK200 to GLK250. Such retrofit work only takes about three hours in the workshop. Upon request, you can retrofit up to Mercedes 3.000 € get reimbursed.

Conversion options and providers

There is a risk of exclusion in many cities for older diesel vehicles that do not comply with the Euro 6 standard. Thanks to one Euro 6 conversion kit Vehicles can be retrofitted from Euro 5 to Euro 6. A Conversion kit from Euro 5 to Euro 6 for cars includes hardware and software upgrades, although car manufacturers often prefer software upgrades. At the Conversion from 5 euros to 6 euros It should be noted that not all car manufacturers cover the costs in full. Questions like “Can I make my diesel car ULEZ compliant?” become relevant when you consider that diesel vehicles of Euro standard 4 or older cannot be retrofitted. Various providers such as Oberland Mangold GmbH and SK Handels GmbH offer solutions for this Diesel conversion from Euro 5 to Euro 6. Specific conversion kits, such as the one from dr pley by bosal, are aimed at specific Mercedes and Volvo models. The Price in UK varies depending on provider and model.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it.

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