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New 2020 catalog of fines: these are the tough penalties

Police fines catalog tuning New fines catalog 2020: These are the tough penalties

The much-discussed issue has been in effect since April 28, 2020 new catalog of fines in road traffic: with severe penalties such as high fines and driving bans. Drivers are particularly annoyed because the driver's license has to be handed in faster. If you are traveling 21 km / h too fast in urban areas, you risk a one-month driving ban.

The Federal Ministry of Transport, which is responsible for the catalog of fines, now says that the severe penalties are "not proportionate". Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer wants the new, impending driving ban delete if the speed is exceeded. But that can take time: The catalog of fines is to be revised by autumn 2020. Until then, the harsh consequences of violating this continue to loom traffic law.

According to the Federal Ministry of Transport, the focus of the new catalog of fines should be on better protection of cyclists - with parking bans on cycle paths and new bans on overtaking. But there are also innovations in the formation of emergency lanes and in the event of speed violations. These are the most important changes in the 2020 catalog of fines:

Stricter penalties for speeding violations

Rasser Tacho tuningblog.eu New fine catalog 2020: These are the tough penalties

If you have too much km / h on the speedometer, you have to pay more: The  Exceeding the pace by up to 20 km / h, drivers have to pay twice the previous fine. In closed towns this is up to 70 euros, outside of cities up to 60 euros. The unpopular Points in Flensburg threaten from exceeding the speed of 16 km / h.

The most critically discussed change: From one inner-city speed exceeding 21 km / h or more, there is a driving ban. So who in a 30s zone accidentally drives a little more than 50 km / h because he has overlooked the sign, his driver's license is first off for a month. This limit lies outside of built-up areas - such as on motorways or country roads at 26 km / h.

The highest penalty for a speed violation is a fine of 680 euros, two points in Flensburg and a three-month driving ban if you are within one place more than 70 km / h too fast Is on the way.

Expensive ticket for incorrect parking

Bicycle lane Germany parking penalty New fines catalog 2020: These are the tough penalties

To increase the safety for cyclists on the streets, the parking is on Protective strips and has become more expensive in the second row: Since April 28, 2020 Stopping and parking violations be punished with up to 100 euros and points in Flensburg.

Besides, were new traffic signs introduced that only identify parking spaces for special road users. For example, there is a new sign that shows parking spaces for cargo bikes. In addition, parking spaces can now only be used for Electric vehicles or car sharing vehicles can be set up. If you park illegally here, you can expect a fine of 55 euros. Become others Road users are even hindered or endangered by the incorrectly parked vehicle, a fine of up to EUR 100 and a point in Flensburg are possible.

Traffic law: Rescue alley blocked

Form an emergency lane New fines catalog 2020: These are the tough penalties

Rescue alleyn can save lives - if the emergency vehicles can drive through them quickly enough. Those who hinder this have to pay properly: 200 euros finetwo points in Flensburg and  a one-month driving ban is possible. Anyone who drives through the emergency lane without permission even has to pay at least 240 euros, two points and a one-month driving ban count. This also applies to Motorcyclist!

Fines catalog 2020: Overtaking only with a margin

To protect cyclists, the new catalog of fines provides for a specific page spacing when overtaking two-wheelers. In urban areas passing from Pedestrians, cyclists and drivers from E-scooters a page spacing of at least 1,5 meters, out of town from two meters are observed. A new traffic sign even completely prohibits overtaking two-wheelers if it is a particularly narrow area.

Do you already have one due to the new catalog of fines? Notice of fine and are you not sure if it is justified? Then contact us! The traffic law experts from the consumer law firm VON RUEDEN will be happy to help you. Do ours free online checkto find out if there is a objection worthwhile in your case. You can also get more information and tips on the new fine catalog RIGHT SIMPLE - FROM RUEDEN, our YouTube channel. PS: Do you know the strangest road traffic fines in this country and abroad? We have grouped them together for:

Traffic law lawyer New fines catalog 2020: These are the tough penalties

Of course that had not been the case.

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  1. Thank you for contributing to the new catalog of fines. My uncle had to get advice from a traffic lawyer because he received a far too high fine. Good to know that the new catalog should be revised again, as some penalties are not proportionate.

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