Resolved: the new catalog of fines (2021) is coming!

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A formal error had ensured that the catalog of fines from 2020 not implemented could. However, the Federal Council has now decided on this again and has even taken some measures tightened. At the moment only the signature of the acting Minister of Transport is missing (Andreas Scheuer, since March 14, 2018).

The changes!

Fines notice speed camera fee objection

Besides higher penalties There are also higher penalties for exceeding the applicable speed Parking violations. The aim is to ensure that traffic is safe at all times. Accordingly, pedestrians and cyclists in particular should be better protected. Incidentally, the change is due to the agreement between the federal and state governments in April 2021. So that the new catalog of fines can finally come into force, only the incumbent transport minister has to be Andreas Scheuer sign the new ordinance. The new catalog of fines would then after three weeks after the signature come into effect. It is expected that this will happen this fall.

New regulations

  • Anyone marked on a Fire brigade access parks or obstructs emergency vehicles, they must be fined up to 100 Euro expected.
  • Anyone parking unauthorized in a parking lot for the severely disabled in the future will have to pay instead of the previous 35 euros 55 Euros numbers.
  • 70 Euros are due for truck drivers when turning right within a town not walking pace . go
  • Between 200 euros and 320 euros Penalty as well as one month driving ban come to drivers who do not Rescue alley form or use them without permission.
  • One ticket in the amount of up to 55 Euro becomes due when the vehicle is parked in a no-parking zone.

No Parking 2020 Fees Penalties Sign E1593159737225

  • Also 55 Euros due should a vehicle be illegally on a Car sharing parking lot or one E-car charging point be turned off.
  • Up to 100 euros have to pay so-called auto posers if they cause unnecessary noise and avoidable emissions. In addition, unnecessary driving back and forth is also subject to a penalty up to 100 Euro busy.
  • Up to 100 euros Instead of the previous 25 euros, drivers have to pay a fine if they illegally drive on sidewalks, cycle paths and hard shoulders.

The following changes apply to speeders!

  • The warning fees for exceeding the speed by up to 20 km / h are all paid doubled.
  • This means that if the speed is exceeded in the locality up to 10 km / h in the future 30 Euros instead of 15 euros, if the speed is exceeded by 11 to 15 km / h it is 50 Euros instead of 25 euros and if the speed is exceeded by 16 to 20 km / h instead of 35 euros it is now 70 Euros.

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car loses tire TikTok Lug Nut Challenge e1633599772832 310x165 Dangerous Social Media TikTok Wheel Nut Challenge!

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If the traffic light was already yellow: threaten these fines!

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