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What first aid course do you need for a driver's license?

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What first aid course do you need for a driver's license?

In order to be able to react correctly in an emergency on the road, completing one is one First Aid Course as a prerequisite for obtaining a driver's license. The course teaches drivers how to secure an accident scene and administer first aid to injured people until professional help arrives. This course is for everyone types of driving licenses, including cars, trucks and motorcycles, compulsory and has been standardized since 2015 to ensure all drivers have the same level of first aid training.

the first aid course

What first aid course do you need for a driver's license?

The course itself consists of nine Teaching units of 45 minutes each, i.e. a total of nine teaching hours. This has been the case since the Driver License Ordinance was updated in 2016. Previously, the length of the course varied depending on the type of driver's license to be acquired. For example, truck and bus license candidates had to complete a 16-hour course, while car and motorcycle drivers completed an eight-hour basic course. Regardless of the type of driver's license obtained, the focus of the course is on teaching life-saving emergency procedures.

absolutely necessary for the driver's license

When registering for the driver's license test, proof of a completed first aid course must be provided. It is important to note that the course is at only one day can be completed and is offered by various institutions. Completing the course allows drivers to ensure they are prepared for road emergencies and potentially save lives.

The validity period of a driver's first aid course is lifelong, meaning there is no expiration date. Even if you attended the course as a teenager and are now taking one Driver's license apply, you can still use the old certificate. The same applies to truck drivers, whose first-aid course remains valid even if they renew their C-class driving license every five years.

no refresher required

An refreshing The first-aid course for the driver's license is not compulsory, but the German Red Cross (DRK) recommends a refresher course every two to three years for drivers and motorcyclists. This is because people tend to forget the knowledge and skills they have acquired over time, making them more prone to panic in emergency situations and have difficulty taking the necessary steps. Incidentally, company first-aiders are legally obliged to every two years attend a one-day refresher course to keep their skills up to date.

  • In summary, a driver's first aid course has no expiration date and remains valid for life. Refreshing the course is not mandatory, but is recommended for drivers and motorcyclists every two to three years. For company first-aiders, refresher training is required by law every two years.

various institutions provide training

If you need a first aid course for your driver's license in Germany, there are several state-approved institutions that offer such courses. These include this German Red Cross (DRK), the ADAC, the Hospitaller, the Maltese and the Workers Samaritan Association (ASB). In addition to the basic course, some of these facilities also offer special courses such as first aid for children, senior citizens or first aid for dogs. After completing the course, you will receive a valid first aid certificate.

What first aid course do you need for a driver's license?

While there are numerous online first aid courses available, it is important to note that hands-on training must always take place on site and cannot be done online. However, theoretical content can be effectively delivered through online courses, which often include videos of staged rescue operations to supplement the theoretical material. However, certificates earned through online-only courses are usually not recognized by the authorities, because practical exercises are an essential part of the course.

What first aid course do you need for a driver's license?

A first aid course typically includes a theoretical part and various practical exercises that teach participants how to react quickly and correctly in emergency situations. Among other things, the course deals with the legal obligation to provide assistance, the correct behavior at the scene of an accident, recognizing impaired consciousness, first aid for bleeding, broken bones and shock, life-saving measures and the components of the rescue chain.

even online courses are available

In summary: If you need a first aid course for your driving license in Germany, there are several state-approved institutions to choose from. While online courses are also available, hands-on exercises add to the learning process essential and these cannot be done online. A typical first aid course includes a range of topics that prepare participants to respond quickly and effectively to emergency situations. Especially in the case of a traffic accident, the rescue chain plays a decisive role in first aid. As a first aider at the scene of an accident, it is important to secure the area by Hazard lights switched on by the vehicle, the warning triangle set up and draws the attention of other road users to the accident.

What first aid course do you need for a driver's license?

It is also important to evacuate anyone near a burning vehicle and to call XNUMX. It is also necessary to answer questions about the scene of the accident, the number of injured people, what happened and their injuries. Furthermore, the first aid service, such. B. getting the injured person in a stable lateral position or performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation before waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Finally, the patient receives medical care in the hospital, the last link in the rescue chain.

you learn skills and processes

In a first aid course, you will learn the skills and procedures to help accident victims. For example, you will learn how to quickly turn an injured person onto their side to keep their airway open and avoid choking on vomit or blood. You'll also learn how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, including using a defibrillator if you have one, and performing chest compressions if the defibrillator doesn't exist. In addition, in the nine to eleven minutes before the emergency doctor arrives, you will learn how to calm and comfort the injured person, position them correctly, immobilize broken arms or legs and create associations.

In addition to a first aid course certificate, a passed eye test (all information about the eye test), a biometric passport photo and, for truck drivers, a medical certificate of physical and mental fitness. At the accompanied driving A copy of the accompanying person's driver's license and ID card is also required. The eye test must be less than two years old. Truck drivers require a more comprehensive examination by an optometrist to assess their vision, including depth perception, low-light vision and eye mobility.

there are also free offers

For a category B driver's license, you need a first aid course consisting of nine teaching units of 45 minutes each, including theoretical and practical exercises. Since 2015, a standard first-aid course has been required for a truck driver's license, consisting of nine teaching units of 45 minutes each, which can be completed in one day.

The certificate is valid for life, a course refresher is not required. The cost of a first aid course varies depending on the provider and is between €20 and €50. If you want to refresh your knowledge and don't need a certificate, you can take an online first aid course, which also costs between €20 and €50. There are also free offerings, and you typically have four weeks to complete the course.

What first aid course do you need for a driver's license?

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What first aid course do you need for a driver's license?

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What first aid course do you need for a driver's license?

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What first aid course do you need for a driver's license?

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