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Forbidden license plates - these combinations cause trouble!

VIE HH 1933 Forbidden license plates

Germany is a country with a wealth of laws and regulations, including of course those relating to motor vehicles and road traffic. The road traffic regulations and the catalog of fines are examples of such regulations. Car license plates, which are mandatory for every vehicle in Germany, are also subject to certain restrictions. However, it is important to note that license plate regulations vary in different states differently can fail, so that in some federal states more license plates are permitted than in others.

Prohibited license plates: racist, discriminatory, xenophobic!

Of particular importance is the ban on license plates that are used on the basis of their symbolism or meaning are problematic. For example, the registration authorities do not issue any marks that are racist or discriminatory. This includes overtly racist or xenophobic messages and their abbreviations. If license plates contain or can be associated with political or extremist statements, they are too verboten. Furthermore, labels that contain vulgar expressions, offensive words and messages or that violate public order and good morals are often (not always) permitted. License plates that represent crimes or acts of violence, such as "MO-RD" are also occasionally not permitted.

Prohibited license plates Germany2

Prohibited license plates in the respective federal states

It is important to know that the competent authority decides on a case-by-case basis whether a specific number plate is permitted or prohibited. Finally, new offensive or discriminatory terms may emerge, and there may also be regional differences. In order to ensure that the number plate you want is legal and approved, you should check whether the number plate you want complies with the regulations before you register. In the following table in the column "problem casesThe abbreviations mentioned are sometimes even allowed on the license plates, depending on the federal state. However, some could lead to misunderstandings or problems in road traffic or in the personal environment.

Federal State Forbidden marks problem cases
Baden-Württemberg Concentration camp, HJ, NS, SA, SS HH, for Heil Hitler
Bavaria KZ, HJ, NS, SA, SS; combinations:
AH & HH with 88 or 18, possibly also
with 28, N-PD, N-SU
HJ, for Hitler Youth
Berlin Concentration camp, HJ, NS, SA, SS NS, for National Socialism
Brandenburg KZ, HJ, NS, SA, SS; Numbers: 14, 18, 28, 88, 188, 1888, 8888 and 8818; Combinations: JN, HH and AH with 18 KZ, for concentration camps
Bremen Concentration camp, HJ, NS, SA, SS SS, for the protective squadron of the NSDAP
Hamburg KZ, HJ, NS, SA, SS, SD, AH or HH in
Combination with 18, 88, 28
SA, for Sturmabteilung
Hessen Concentration camp, HJ, NS, SA, SS, SD SD, for Reich Security Service
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Concentration camp, HJ, NS, SA, SS NPD, for National Democratic Party of Germany
Lower Saxony Concentration camp, HJ, NS, SA, SS NSU, ​​for National Socialist Underground
Nordrhein-Westfalen Concentration camp, HJ, NS, SA, SS 18, for the first and 8th letters in the alphabet:
Rheinland-Pfalz Concentration camp, HJ, NS, SA, SS, SD
Combinations: HH 18 and HH 88
AH, for Adolf Hitler
Saarland Concentration camp, HJ, NS, SA, SS 88, for twice the 8th letter in the alphabet, i.e. HH = Heil Hitler
Sachsen Concentration camp, HJ, NS, SA, SS 74, for GD=Greater Germany
Sachsen-Anhalt KZ, HJ, SA, SS; Digit combination: 88;
Prohibited in the Saale district: SK-IN
Schleswig-Holstein KZ, HJ, NS, SA, SS; Critical:
IZ-AN (backwards for NAZI) & HEI-L
Thuringia Concentration camp, HJ, NS, SA, SS

these license plates also cause trouble

A few years ago, the license plate "HH 1933" was banned by a court because of links to National Socialism. Unfortunately, the exact name and date of birth of the data subject are unknown in this proceeding. What is certain, however, is that the legal dispute before the administrative court in Düsseldorf was lost. The vehicle had been registered in the district of Viersen with the combination "HH 1933". The Road Traffic Office initially approved the license plate, but withdrew it after a complaint from a citizen. This led to the vehicle owner filing a lawsuit, but the Düsseldorf Administrative Court upheld the decision of the Road Traffic Office and confiscated the number plate (Az.: 6 L 175/19).

some banned license plates are allowed again

In the meantime, however, some other issues are handled less strictly. For example, the license plate "S-EX" was not allowed in Stuttgart for a while, but is now allowed. The same applies to combinations such as "S-AU", "S-OS", "S-KY", "ANA-L" and also "SE-XY" are hardly a problem nowadays. One reason for this could also be the income be that municipalities achieve with such optional license plates. Berlin alone records annual income in the high six-digit range License plates. By the way, there are also many fun combinations of license plates. A comprehensive overview can be found in our article "Funny license plates - we've got the fun list!".

Prohibited license plates Germany3

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