Fuel and diesel price explosion: how much stock can you take with you?

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petrol prices save petrol drive petrol station petrol and diesel price explosion: how much stock can you take with you?

The price boards at the petrol stations are at an exorbitantly high level and there is no end in sight. The current annoyance makes many car drivers toy with the idea of ​​in neighbouring countries to refuel or to take a supply with you. There is hardly an opportunity to refuel cheaply anywhere in Germany and when you find one, and that Reserve canister at the same time, you have to pay attention to a few things when stocking up. Liquid fuel is a Dangerous goods and he is only allowed in limited quantity be carried and stored. TÜV and ADAC warn of possible consequences and strongly advise against transporting more than necessary. According to the law, private individuals are not allowed to store more than 240 liters at home. To do this, one must note that this amount must be well distributed. As a rule apply 60 Liter canister, which consist of unbreakable and tightly lockable material and which Reserve fuel canister approval (RKK) have.

Keep the reserve as small as possible

petrol cans in the trunk Fuel and diesel price explosion: how much stock can you take with you?

More than 5 liter In the opinion of the ADAC, it is not necessary to reach the next gas station, which is why a large reserve canister should not be used. 10 liters of fuel or diesel as a recommendation for a reserve sounds small at first, but it has the background of Safety. The canister belongs to ensure that the cargo does not pose a risk to the passengers of the car or other road users in the trunk. Good fixation also minimizes the risk of tipping over or flying around.

Other countries lower prices is tank tourism worth it?

Do you live close to the Polish or Czech border, it may well be worth it, too to refuel there. keyword Cost per kilometer. The enormous price increase is currently only available here in Germany. Of course, it always depends on the way to get there and the wear and tear that takes place on longer journeys in the car. However, there are also guidelines and laws here that you should be aware of. For example, the details of the permitted quantities of a reserve differ from petrol or diesel.

The applies in Austria and the Czech Republic 10 liter regulation and in Poland it is 20 literthat you can also take with you. Luxembourg, however, is allowed no reserve fuel. Those who don't follow the rules have to pay and they Fines (€) are not exactly low when violated. In addition, if more than 20 liters are imported across borders, the Mineral oil tax in force.

Correct storage

How and how much fuel can be stored as a reserve is determined by the Garage rules of the countries. The storage of liquid hazardous substances is mainly only allowed in small garages. Up to 200 liters of diesel and up to 20 liters of gasoline are permitted here. In addition, the same safety precautions apply to storage as to transport and even if the ADAC does not advise against storage for no reason due to the flammable vapors, a small supply may be a small supply these days if handled properly appropriate.

Gasoline canister Canister holder Water canister e1585030519306 Fuel and diesel Price explosion: how much stock can you take with you?

Of course, that wasn't the end of it.

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