The garage is for the car! There are penalties for misuse.

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If the garage is not used for vehicles, this can result in a fine! A garage shouldn't be easy misused will. It should not be assumed that there can be easily accommodated all things for which there is no room anywhere else or it might be used as a workshop. The garage is officially for Vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles. In the bureaucracy of the Federal Republic there are special legal regulations that explain exactly was may and may not be parked in a garage. It doesn't matter whether it's a private or a rented garage. "T-Online' had recently published a report in which 'is simply explained"What belongs in the garage. There it says, "There should be a car in a garage – “and nothing else””, at strictest interpretation According to the regulations, the vehicle must even be registered and roadworthy. And in case of non-compliance, a Fine threaten!

According to GaVo not for deregistered oldies

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The building law is subject to the sovereignty of the individual federal states and includes, among other things, the garage regulation, short GaVo. This provides the basics for a garage. The dimensions for a minimum height and minimum width, the fire protection properties and the use are regulated there, so that a garage is valid as such. The regulations of the GaVo are "almost identical" across the federal states. The fact that a garage is not permitted to be used as a storage room or workshop, but only registered, roadworthy cars may be parked there, is clearly stated in the garage ordinance. Thus, in principle, also has a deregistered vintage car nothing to look for in the garage.

Garage is not a hobby room

hobby equipment, such as fishing accessories or training equipment not in the garage. A special permit or written permission from the landlord should be obtained for this. Because everything that is not part of the car accessories or "impairs or prevents parking of the car“ heard loud T-Online article not in the garage. On the other hand, accessories such as tyres, roof racks, bicycle racks, child seats or even a motorcycle may be stored in the garage, when the car can still park unhindered. If your own car no longer fits in the garage due to a workbench, bicycles, garden furniture, garden tools or other hobby items, you can use a misuse go out. Thus, the storage of things can be prohibited or a relocation can be arranged so that the car can be parked in the garage again.

There are fines of up to €500!

If the car no longer fits in the garage, you have to dodge. As a result, various public parking spaces have to be used and so the parking spaces (especially in the city) are often no longer sufficient. With large-scale actions and fines of up to €500 the public order office can collect the penalties, at least in theory. While such checks are rare, they can be possible, especially in cities where parking is scarce.

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