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The green mark: advantages and requirements!

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green license plate truck tractor 2 The green license plate: advantages and requirements!

The most common license plates have black letters on a white background and from time to time you can see vehicles with one red mark. But there are some other variations such as short-term license plate or that green Mark. These variants serve special purposes and the green mark can offer some advantages.

What is the green mark?

green license plate truck tractor The green license plate: advantages and requirements!

A green license plate can be requested for different vehicles. It is characterized by a green font on a white background. The license plate can be issued for cars, trucks, trailers and campers under certain conditions. These vehicles are then no longer subject to the statutory motor vehicle tax. However, there is an insurance obligation for the vehicles. As a rule, at least liability insurance is required. Only a few vehicles such as sports trailers are exempt from this. A green license plate therefore offers you some advantages as it saves you taxes. However, strict conditions must be met to use the license plate. The registered purpose of use for the vehicle must be proven upon request at every traffic control and also when applying. In addition, the vehicles may not be used for any other purpose. If this happens, you can even be accused of tax evasion. If the benefits outweigh yours, you can apply for a green flag.

How is a green license applied for?

A green flag can only be requested in a few cases. It is not the type of vehicle that is decisive for the tax exemption, but the purpose of the vehicle. When used in agricultural businesses, various additional requirements apply depending on the federal state. The uniform minimum requirement for farms, however, is that at least two hectares of land are cultivated. You can have the following vehicles exempt from vehicle tax:

  • Non-profit vehicles for the transportation of aid
  • Rescue vehicles of the fire brigade, as well as air and disaster control
  • Ambulance vehicles for the transportation of people or the disabled
  • Tractors, caravans and mobile homes for use in the fairground trade
  • Special trailer for sports equipment or the transportation of animals for sporting purposes
  • Special trailer for the transport of lifeboats
  • Vehicles for street cleaning and winter service
  • Forklifts and work machines with a design-related maximum speed of more than 20 km / h
  • Vehicles for the transport of milk, skimmed milk, cream and whey
  • Trailers, tractors and some other vehicles for agricultural and forestry use.

green mark truck horse trailer 5 The green mark: advantages and requirements!

If your vehicle meets the requirements, you can have the tax office or customs exempt you from vehicle tax. You will receive confirmation from these authorities. You must then go to your local registration office. In addition to the confirmation of the tax exemption, you also need the following documents:

  • the identity card or passport with a valid registration confirmation
  • the eVB number as a valid insurance confirmation
  • Evidence of the main and exhaust gas inspection
  • the vehicle registration document and the vehicle registration document
  • the license plate, unless it is a new registration

Companies, associations and civil law companies require additional documents. For companies, this is the business registration or an extract from the commercial register, while associations must also provide an extract from the register of associations. Civil law companies require a partnership agreement and must also make a declaration of who the vehicle should be registered to. If you wish to have the registration carried out by another person, you must also issue a power of attorney and hand over your identity card to this person. Then nothing stands in the way of your green license plate.

green license plate truck tractor 3 The green license plate: advantages and requirements!

summarized the most important information:

  • Vehicles with green license plates are exempt from vehicle tax
  • Insurance liability (at least liability) continues to exist
  • green mark is possible for vehicles that are used according to paragraph 3 of the Motor Vehicle Tax Act (KraftStG) (winter service, street cleaning, vehicles from aid organizations, etc.)
  • Requirements: Purpose of use must be proven, use only for the approved purpose
  • Eligibility for the tax exemption is given by the responsible tax office and not by the registration authority
  • Appearance of the license plate: Euro field with country code on the left edge, district or city code, TÜV sticker & stamp, row of letters and numbers, font color green, background white

green license plate truck tractor 3 1 The green license plate: advantages and requirements!

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