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H license plate for the motorhome? It is important to note that!

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1990 Land Rover Defender Restomod Camper OCC Tuning 1 e1619696216460 H license plate for the motorhome? It is important to note that!

If you have your own Caravan Has been using it for a long time and it's still in good shape, you might ask yourself what conditions it has to meet to be one of the popular ones H-plates (H season license plate) to obtain. The first thing to be said is that it is Advantages but also disadvantages has to report for this. All important information can be found in the following text.

What is the H mark anyway?

The H simply stands for Historicalso that older cars can be recognized directly by such a license plate. However, not all cars and vehicles that are getting on in years get such a license plate. For this a few things have to be fulfilled. First of all, you have to make it clear that you can only apply for the H license plate when the vehicle is of Exceeded 30 years Has. And this is not only the case with cars, including all other vehicles campers fall, that is the case. If the condition of age is given, it depends Condition of the vehicle. It must be at least in the state gut if you want to get the H mark. The RV later became upgradedso it is cannot a classic car.

H license plate for oldtimer classic H license plate for the motorhome? It is important to note that!

The H mark was introduced in 1997 and is intended for users and owners of older vehicles tax benefits procure. That was the main reason for the introduction at the time. In the meantime, however, these license plates are very popular among classic car enthusiasts, and not just for tax reasons.

The advantages of the H mark

As mentioned, there are some advantages to driving a car that has an H license plate. Below we will illustrate the benefits.

  • The Tax relief compared to normal vehicles can be very high depending on the type of vehicle. Regardless of the type of vehicle, you already know in advance how high the annual taxes will be. These amount to approx. 191,73 EUR and are on all vehicles with the H license plate gleich. So it doesn't matter whether it's a car, a truck, a motorcycle or a mobile home.
  • Also at the Insurance you get some financial relief, so that you can save money here too. So you can save a lot of money from the package with insurance and tax breaks.
  • A big advantage that has only come to fruition in the last few years is that you also have an H license plate without green badge can drive in environmental zones. With a vehicle that more than 30 years is out on the streets, it is logically difficult to get a green sticker. Because of this, are all vehicles with an H license plate from this scheme except and can be on the road in all areas. But be careful Trips abroad, because this rule applies just for the German roads. So if you travel a lot abroad, you should be aware of this beforehand. Especially with one Motorhome with an H license plate it is so that you often use this to go on vacation, so it can happen that you are certain zones abroad do not drive through can.

What are the disadvantages of applying for an H mark?

Of course, you don't just get the financial benefits given, but also has to do something for it. You have to pay attention to a few things about the H mark to obtain and also in the long term zu keep. In the following we list some things that have to be considered:

  • First and foremost, vehicles with an H license plate should ensure that the vehicle is in this way as close as possible to the original. So if you like to change something on your vehicle here and there, then the H license plate is certainly cannot right for you. Contemporary is the magic word!
  • Lots of changes are not allowed. For example, it is forbidden to install a new type of navigation system in the vehicle. If this is the case, you may not receive the H mark or you may have to return it. Especially with changes that can be quickly recognized from the outside and that change the look of the vehicle, caution is advised if you do not want to risk the H license plate being revoked. Here are a few things, however exceptthat especially the Passenger safety serve. For example, attaching Seatbelts a mandatory and must also be carried out in a vehicle with an H license plate if you want to use it on German roads.

  • Even if it is actually an advantage, you can also benefit from the reduced insurance sums limited become. Since you pay significantly less here than with normal vehicles without an H license plate, the insurers restrict some things. For example, many insurance companies limit the annual allowance Mileage so that you have to think twice about taking a lap in the classic car.
  • A final disadvantage is the great effort that has to be put in to get an H mark. You cannot simply apply for this, because many things have to be observed. Above all, must an appraisal can be drawn up (Costs between 100 and 200 euros + general inspection), which states that the vehicle is in good condition in order to receive the H license plate. It is often associated with high costs to bring the car, motorcycle, truck or even the caravan into such a condition.

The vehicle must be in accordance with § 23 StVZO approved expert, test engineer or inspector. They are available from TÜV, Dekra, KÜS or GTÜ. And the examiner checks the following things:

  1. Are there any technical defects?
  2. Are there any strong signs of use?
  3. Are parts missing from the vehicle?
  4. Is there any damage that has not been properly repaired?
  5. Is there a contemporary state?

On the side of MOT South you can find the exact one Requirements catalog online.

Vintage car appraisal report Classic H license plate for the motorhome? It is important to note that!

Applying for an H mark: which documents?

  1. ID card or passport (with current confirmation of registration)
  2. the H report
  3. proof of the general inspection
  4. Registration certificate part I & registration certificate part II (vehicle registration document + vehicle registration document),
  5. evB number (electronic insurance confirmation)
  6. official registration number (if not previously shut down)
  7. SEPA direct debit mandate for vehicle tax

Insurance for classic cars!

The following terms and conditions are cannot unusual:

  • Mileage limit
    Mileage between 3000 and 9000 km
  • prohibited trips abroad
  • First vehicle required
    insurance companies often require that a first vehicle be given
  • Age restriction
    The driver often has to be older than 23 or 25
  • Driver set
    The driver is often only allowed to be the owner or his / her spouse

Converting a truck with an H license plate as a mobile home?

Switching from a truck to a mobile home, for example from an old Magirus, Ifas, Steyr etc. as a closed box to a mobile home is very difficult, if not impossible. Because at that time such an old truck was usually not available as a mobile home. So can the requested "Contemporary construction" not be held. There is only a chance if it can be proven that the conversion took place or was possible more than 20 years ago or a maximum of 10 years after approval.

Sled Zeppelin a bus becomes a camping house 10 H license plate for the mobile home? It is important to note that!

Classic cars in Germany (as of 2018)

Vehicle age (all vehicle types)Approved in Germany
30-34 yearsapprox. 95.000
35-39 yearsapprox. 93.000
40-44 yearsapprox. 77.000

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