The H season mark for the classic car saves money!

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H season license plate for classic car tuning The H season code for classic car saves money!

Since February 10.02.2017th, XNUMX it can H-plates with the Seasonal license plates be combined. This innovation can have some advantages or more precisely "advantages" for one or the other classic car enthusiast. You can find out what these are in detail in the next few lines. There was no uniform regulation of combined H license plates and seasonal license plates before February 2017. The respective licensing authority could decide on this individually. The regulation by § 9 FZV is now clear. The uniform and clearly defined new regulation came into force in October 2017. It is stated that vintage car license plates (H-plates) can be registered as a season license plate.

According to the Association of the Automotive Industry, around 2015 classic cars were registered in Germany in 500.000. Around 350.000 of them have an H license plate. On the one hand, it was possible to take advantage of the inexpensive vintage car registration, but most historic vehicles are not used or only rarely used in winter. As a result, the vehicles were unused but registered in the garage. (There is a lot of information on the subject of H license plates in our special)

no more senseless costs

Money capital investment advertising increase The H season mark for the classic car saves money!

So the owner only incurred unnecessary costs. Thanks to the H season code, taxes and insurance premiums can now be saved. When registering as an H license plate, you should bear in mind that there is already a price advantage for tax payments from a cylinder capacity of around 700 cm³. This means that you will have to pay less with a classic car license plate than with a normal license plate.

The advantages of the classic car license plate!

h license plate look The H season license plate for the classic car saves money!

An H license plate is a so-called “vehicle-technical cultural asset”. There is a flat tax of 191,73 euros per year for this classic H license plate. If you register for the summer (for example: March to October) you only have to pay 128 euros in taxes. For the calculation, the complete annual rate of 192 euros must be divided by the twelve months and then multiply the result for the duration of the desired season. However, it should be noted that the car is not insured for the rest of the time and is not approved for road traffic. It is a temporary registration, in which the registration and deregistration of the historic car with the registration authority takes place automatically. This saves you having to go again and the formalities for renewed season approval.

Ferrari 275 GTB Enzo classic car 18 The H seasonal license plate for the classic car saves money!

You take advantage of the special regulation for historical cultural assets. That means the right to drive without a green environmental sticker and catalytic converter. The choice of insurance is yours. Often there is even cheap insurance, although some requirements must be met. In the strict sense of the word, it is no longer a motor vehicle, but rather a "moving cultural asset". The focus is not on daily use, but on the prestige and care of the car. A number of documents are required for such an H season license plate approval application. Have the previous license plate with you, have the eVB number ready, the HU report is required and also the registration certificates I (former vehicle registration) and II (former vehicle registration). One Classic car report is also the prerequisite for admission. Of course, your ID card or passport with current registration certificate will also be required.

The license plate and associated costs

The H season license plate may contain a maximum of eight characters. As with any other license plate, the city code is included and one Desired combination or random combination of elements (letters and numbers). In addition, the letter “H” (for historical) is included and the permitted operating period. This is represented by the start and end month of the registration on the right side of the license plate. However, as already mentioned, a classic car report is required for registration. This shows that the vehicle is true to the original, is in good condition and has not been structurally changed. Or if so, then only by means of contemporary tuning. This report costs around 100 to 150 euros. The expert opinion is usually linked to the main inspection. Their costs amount to around 70 to 80 euros. The actual sign costs around 25 to 30 euros. Online offers are usually even cheaper and cost less than 20 euros. You have to pay around 40 euros for admission.

H season license plate for classic car tuning The H season code for classic car saves money!

summarizing the information on the H season license plate:

  • the H season license plate was issued on February 10.02.2017th, XNUMX by the Federal Council and adopted as an amendment to the Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV)
  • valid since October 2017
  • Advantages of the seasonal and H mark are combined
  • is regulated by paragraph 9 FZV
  • Taxes can be saved
  • From a displacement of 700 cm³, the historic license plate with 191,73 euros per year is recommended -> the vintage seasonal license plate saves even more (only the registered period, e.g. March to October, is paid for 128 euros)
  • Vehicle is not registered or insured for use on public roads during the “de-registered” period
  • Repeated visits to the registration authority are omitted (registration and deregistration takes place automatically)
  • Special regulation of labeling as a historical cultural asset (Driving without catalytic converter or green environmental badge even in environmental zones)
  • Insurance companies often offer cheaper policies
  • H season code may only contain eight characters (city code of the approval district, random combination or combination of wishes, the "H", approved operating period)
  • A classic car report is required for the historical season code
  • 07 mark is NOT permitted as a seasonal indicator
  •  PS: These optimizations can be carried out on the classic car without endangering the H license plate and our contribution "The right license plate for historic motorcycles?“Informs about everything important about the H-license plate for bikes.

H season license plate for classic car tuning 2 The H season code for classic car saves money!

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