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Hamburg expands Tempo 30 for noise protection!

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30 kmh schild hamburg Hamburg expands Tempo 30 for noise protection!

The German city of Hamburg will lead in the next few years for reasons of noise protection the 30 speed limit on 85 streets at night, including many major highways. With this measure, the Hamburg Senate wants to curb traffic and offer residents better noise protection. Numerous busy road sections and in some cases even multi-lane main roads are affected. The project is supposed to from mid-2022 implemented as part of a large-scale noise action plan. First should 20 sectors from 22:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. in the morning too Tempo 30 zones become. Another 2024 sectors are to follow in 65. The reason for the introduction of the speed limit is simple: in all sectors the noise level is between 55 and 60 decibels at night. By reducing the speed from 50 to 30 km / h, the traffic noise should be reduced by 2 to 3 dB (A). This would be in terms of effect, such as the halving correspond to the volume of traffic. According to Hamburg's Senator for the Environment Jens Kerstan (Greens), the introduction of the speed limit has resulted in a significant improvement in the night's sleep for more than 35.000 residents.

Noise protection as a central issue

According to data from the Federal Environment Agency, around 2,6 million people across Germany are affected at night by a noise level of 55 decibels, which corresponds to a normal conversation volume. 130.000 of them live in Hamburg alone. According to the Senator for the Environment, there are obviously environmental problems caused by motor vehicles in Hamburg that should not be ignored. According to Kerstan, way too many hamburgers are too loud at night about 55 decibels affected.

Stand noise measurement Tuning Police Hamburg expands Tempo 30 for noise protection!

Studies in noise impact research clearly show that at such a noise level, undisturbed sleep is not possible and health consequences must also be expected. In the long term, however, bus timetables as well as traffic lights and traffic control systems would have to be adapted. The entire development of the project is monitored by experts and everyone in Hamburg can comment on the project online until June 25, 2021.

How is compliance with the speed limit checked?

Initially, the city wants to trust the citizens to comply with the law when complying with the speed limit, but random police checks are also up for debate. And what is the future in Hamburg? Meanwhile, a speed limit of 30 km / h already applies at six noise focal points, sometimes even for 24 hours a day. In addition to the planned measures, also 15 zones as "quiet areas" declared, including nature reserves and the Ohlsdorf and Öjendorf cemeteries. In these “quiet areas”, it can be proven that the traffic noise must no longer increase. In addition, the Hamburg Senate wants to integrate 26 "islands of calm" in the city center into the noise action plan. Including above all green areas and cemeteries.

xv3 speed camera Leivtec Hamburg expands Tempo 30 for noise protection!

Tempo 30 zones in Hamburg (planned)

B73 Stader Strasse / Buxtehuder Strasse between Eißendorfer Pferdeweg to approx. 50 m east of the fire brigade (422 people affected) - B5 Eiffestrasse between Grevenweg and Beltgens Garten (218 affected) - Hammer stone dam between Caspar-Voght-Straße and Sievekings Allee (166 affected) - B75 Bremer Strasse between Hohe Straße and Eißendorfer Mühlenweg (158 affected) - B5 Herderstrasse between Grillparzer Strasse and Mozartstrasse (190 people affected) - shoulder blade between the railway line to Schanzenstraße (255 people affected) - Caspar-Voght-Strasse between Hammer Steindamm and Sievekingsallee (318 affected) - Habichtstrasse / Lauensteinstrasse between Jahnbrücke and Bramfelder Straße (754 affected) - Mühlenkamp between Semperstrasse and Körnerstrasse (247 affected persons) - Ostfrieslandstrasse between Dangasker Weg (Bogen) and Steendiek (197 affected) - Ritterstrasse / Wagnerstrasse between Wandsbeker Chaussee and Blumenau (117 people affected) - Davidstrasse between Spielbudenplatz and Bernhard-Nocht-Straße (108 people affected) - Finkenwerder North dike between Steendiek and Brunnenstieg (47 people affected) - Bramfelder Street adress between Drosselstrasse and Habichtstrasse (207 people affected) - B5 Winterhuder Weg between Mozartstrasse and Beethovenstrasse (233 people affected) - Bramfelder Chaussee between Bramfelder Dorfplatz and Steilshooper Allee (164 people affected) - Barmbeker Strasse between Ohlsdorfer Straße and Dorotheenstraße (169 people affected) - B75 Wandsbeker Zollstrasse / Ahrensburger Strasse between Holstenhofweg and Holzmühlenstraße (347 people affected) - B75 Ahrensburger Strasse between Ostend and Holstenhofweg (239 people affected) - Lokstedter way between B433 Tarpenbekstraße and Eppendorfer Landstraße (84 people affected)

Tempo 30 at night from 2024

wide street between Schleestrasse and Kirchenstrasse (127 people affected) - Elbgaustraße between Dammstrasse and Kieler Strasse (261 affected) - B431 Stresemannstrasse between Tasköprüstrasse and Ruhrstrasse (226 affected persons) - B5 Bergedorfer Strasse between Schleusengrabenbrücke and Vierlandenstraße (177 people affected) - Max-Brauer Allee between Bei der Friedenseiche and Holstenstraße (128 people affected) - Bahrenfelder Steindamm between Stresemannstraße and Schützenstraße (431 people affected) - B5 Holtenklinker Straße / Rotenhauschaussee between Curslacker Heerweg and Justus Brinkmann Straße (488 people affected) - Sievekingsallee between Bahn and Quellenweg (265 affected) - Barner Strasse / Behringstrasse between Bahrenfelder Straße and Gaußstraße (471 people affected) - Steilshooper Allee between Bramfelder Chaussee and the bridge over the Seebek (76 people affected) - Max-Brauer-Allee between Ehrenbergstrasse and Klopstockstrasse / Palmaille (102 people affected) - Schiffbeker Weg between Schiffbeker Bridge and Sturmvogelweg (243 affected) - Dockenhudener Strasse Elbchaussee between Witts Allee and Schenefelder Landstrasse (86 affected) - Long line between Baumeisterstraße and Schmilinskystraße (349 affected persons) - B4 Budapester Strasse between New Horse Market (south) and Simon-von-Utrecht-Straße (111 affected) - Langenfelder dam between B 4 Kieler Straße and Steenwisch (75 people affected) - Lokstedter way between Frickestrasse and Tarpenbekstrasse (381 affected) - Sports field ring between B 4 / B 5 Kieler Straße and Basselweg (72 people affected) - B5 Wartenau between Bahn and Eilenau (236 affected) - Heussweg between Eidelstedter Weg and Osterstraße (675 people affected) - Augustenburger Strasse between Kaltenkirchener Straße and Ring 2 (507 people affected) - Sander dam between Ulmenliet and Lohbrügger Landstraße (505 people affected) - Poelchaukamp between Gellerstraße and Mühlenkamp (432 affected) - Hellbrookstrasse between Steilshooper Straße and Habichtstraße (408 people affected) - Steenwisch between Langenfelder Damm and Lutterothstraße (383 affected) - To the seaport bridge between Schwarzenbergstrasse and Seehafenbrücke (375 affected persons) - Inland shredder between Habermannstrasse and the city limits (285 people affected) - Beethovenstrasse between Winterhuder Weg and Bachstraße (230 people affected) - Bornkampsweg between Langbehnstraße and B431 (173 affected) - Sierichstrasse between B5-Hudtwalckerstraße and Bellevue (1.604 people affected) - Walddörferstrasse between the district border and Stephanstraße (1.206 people affected) - Mansteinstrasse between Eppendorfer Weg and Bismarckstraße (721 people affected) - Alsterkrugchaussee between Erdkampsweg and Ratsmühlendamm (657 affected) - Langenhorner Chaussee between Flughafenstrasse and Erdkampsweg (510 people affected) - Rentzelstrasse between Grindelallee and Schröderstiftstraße (504 affected persons) - Quickbornstrasse between Eidelstedter Weg and B5 (442 people affected) - Wilstorfer Strasse between Moorstraße and A253 Hohe Straße (410 people affected) - Alsterdorfer Strasse between B5 Winterhuder Marktplatz and Lattenkamp (315 people affected) - Friedensallee between Daimlerstrasse and Barnerstrasse (259 affected persons) - Goetheallee between Julius-Leber Strasse and Max-Brauer Allee (243 affected persons) - Reclamstrasse between Schiffbeker Weg and Öjendorfer Weg (148 people affected) - Dorotheenstrasse between B5 Barmbeker Straße and U-Bahn crossing (301 affected) - Dorotheenstrasse between U-Bahn crossing and Krohnskamp (575 affected) - Old pond path between Nordschleswiger Straße and Krausestraße (550 people affected) - Horner Landstrasse between Horner Brückenweg and Washingtonallee (881 affected) - Billstedter Hauptstrasse between Schiffbeker Weg and Schleemer Weg (825 affected) - Schiffbeker Weg between Billstedter Hauptstraße and Reclamstraße (330 people affected) - Jarrestrasse between B5 Barmbeker Straße and Saarlandstraße (1.179 people affected) - Fuhlsbütteler Strasse between Rübenkamp and Hebebrandstrasse (945 affected) - Friedrich-Ebert Damm between garden park west of Lesserstraße and Stephanstraße (941 affected persons) - B5 Burgstrasse Grevenweg between Bürgerweide and Eiffestrasse (799 people affected) - Georg-Wilhelm Street between Vogelhüttendeich and Neuhöfer Straße (783 affected persons) - Tonndorfer Hauptstrasse between Wilsonstraße and Am Pulverhof (686 people affected) - Lohbrügger Landstrasse between Ladenbeker Furtweg and Lohbrügger Markt (650 affected people) - Steilshooper Strasse between Elligersweg and Habichtstraße (635 people affected) - Lesserstrasse between Friedrich-Ebert Damm and Walddörferstraße (635 affected) - Behringstrasse between Griegstrasse and Hohenzollernring (613 affected) - Mundsburg dam between B5 Winterhuder Strasse and Papenhuder Strasse (604 people affected) - Osterstrasse between Methfesselstraße and Heussweg (568 affected) - Lesserstrasse between Pillauer Strasse and Friedrich-Ebert Damm (512 affected persons) - Little Schäferkamp between Schröderstiftstraße and Weidenallee (432 affected) - B5 Bergedorfer Strasse between Krusestrasse and Sander Damm (418 affected) - Fuhlsbüttler Strasse between Hellbrookstrasse and Drosselstrasse (216 people affected) - B5 Bergedorfer Strasse between the entrance to the hospital and Lohbrügger Landstrasse (133 people affected) - Schiffbeker Weg between Schiffbeker Höhe and Friedhof / Sturmvogelweg (557 people affected)

30 kmh schild hamburg Hamburg expands Tempo 30 for noise protection!

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