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Headlight foiling: Information and legal aspects!


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Vehicle lighting is subject to strict legal regulations. Foiling the headlights is on public roads not permitted. There are different methods of changing the color of the headlight lens, which are technically easy to implement. However, the modification of the vehicle lighting is strictly regulated. Simple pasting or painting is not permitted when the vehicle is used on the road. Indicators and taillights may not be modified either. However, this technique is often used in tuning and vehicle shows. The accessories market offers suitable products such as foils, white indicators or dark smoked glass. The following is the most important information about foiling headlights.

Is headlight foiling allowed?

Foiled headlights undoubtedly have a chic look. The disadvantage that makes them illegal on the road is that the lamps no longer bring their full illumination onto the road and are therefore a safety risk. Therefore, there are clear legal requirements: Forward-facing lights must always be white be. In certain cases Fog Lights an exception, since they may also be yellow. However, a change acceptance is required.

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For blinkers is Orange prescribed as a luminous color. Technical aspects also speak against the modification of headlights. They are precisely constructed masterpieces that should enable optimal illumination without dazzling other road users. Luminaire, reflector and diffuser are precisely matched to each other. Small changes can have a big impact on light intensity and illumination. Not only the foiling is forbidden, but also the laminating and the exchange of inadmissible lamps.

Is rear light foiling allowed?

Similarly strict regulations apply to the rear lights. Brake and tail lights must red, reversing lights white and blinkers Orange be. Foiling or laminating is also not allowed here and can lead to fines, loss of operating license and insurance cover. Nevertheless, vehicles with black rear lights can often be seen - retrofit lamps are sold by many tuning providers. These may be installed legally if they have a type approval or a E-mark own. And if the new rear lights are completely black or white (without a reflector), then additional ones are usually required reflector be installed at the rear. In the case of tinted turn signals, care must be taken to ensure that an orange-coated bulb is installed. Yes, the coating can come off over time and one day the indicator light will turn white. The lamp must then be replaced.

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Frequently asked questions: headlight foil

Is wrapping headlights allowed?

  • No, any modifications to the headlights are not permitted. It is also forbidden to glaze or replace the light bulbs with those that are not approved. The main headlights must produce white light and the illumination must not be altered. There is an exception for fog lights, which are allowed to shine yellow but must be approved by a modification approval.

Are there ways to replace the standard headlights?

  • The aftermarket offers tuning headlights for many vehicles. These can be equipped with other lenses or designed as angel eyes, for example. However, the headlights must also have a type approval or an E-mark, since a individual acceptance is almost impossible.

Is it allowed to make changes to the rear lights?

  • As with the front headlights, the rear lights are also subject to legal requirements. The brake and tail lights must be red, the reversing lights must be white and the direction indicators must be orange. Subsequent tinting is not permitted. Only tinted rear lights from the manufacturer or from the accessories may be installed if they have an expert opinion or an E-mark.

Can you foil the headlights if you are not using public transport?

  • Although foiling headlights is prohibited on public transport, it may be permitted for show purposes or on vehicles used exclusively on private property.

Can you foil headlights if you only drive on the race track?

  • Different rules apply in racing than in public transport. Modifications to headlights may be permitted on circuits as long as they comply with organizer rules and do not pose a safety hazard. However, check with the circuit or event organizer beforehand to ensure the modifications are permitted.

Can headlights be foiled to protect them from stone chipping?

  • There are special protective films (headlight protection film) that are transparent and are intended to protect headlights from stone chipping and other damage. However, these foils are generally not permitted either, as they can impair (distort) the light yield. Foiling can only be legal if they can be proven to have 100% light transmission.

Are tinted headlights allowed in other countries?

  • The laws that allow tinted headlights vary from country to country. When traveling abroad, you should check local regulations to ensure your vehicle lighting meets local requirements. But there are definitely countries where the headlights can legally be dimmed.

How can I legally customize my headlights?

  • There are numerous legal ways to change the look of the headlights. Tuning headlights with E-mark or type approval are an option. Also can Headlight bezels front and rear be installed legally if you have a test mark. You can also search for new manufacturer accessories that have been specially developed for your vehicle model and comply with legal requirements.

What are the penalties for prohibited modifications to the headlights?

  • If you make forbidden changes to the headlights, this can lead to fines, points in Flensburg, the loss of the operating license and in the worst case even the loss of insurance cover. In the event of an accident, this can have serious financial and legal consequences.

Can I wrap my headlights myself or should I hire a professional?

  • If you opt for a permitted foil, such as a protective foil, it is basically possible to attach it yourself. However, it is advisable to hire a professional to ensure the film is applied properly and without bubbles or damage.


Tinting and any other modifications to the headlights are generally prohibited. In principle, only the exchange for tuning headlights with an E number is permitted. The rear lighting must not be pasted or glazed either.

Subject Summary
Legal situation in Germany Front headlight: White, Rear headlight: Red, Turn signals: Amber. Tints outside the permitted colors are not permitted.
Legal situation in Austria Similar regulations as in Germany, but allows the installation of anti-shatter, tinted or perforated films if type-approved films are used.
Legal situation in Switzerland Absolute legal prohibition for the attachment of foils. Darkened headlights can be purchased at purchase if they have an approval mark.
Legal individualization Devil Eyes, Angel Eyes headlights, etc. with E number and type approval.
Foiling the headlights Permitted if the intended light transmission is guaranteed. Light yellow foils may be allowed. Clarification required in advance.
tint sprays The same legal requirements as for foiling. Pros: cheap and easy to use. Cons: Applying and removing corrections can be difficult. No approval in advance by the TÜV, must be checked directly at the TÜV. Usually not allowed.
Penalties for Prohibited Changes Fine of up to 50 euros, possible loss of operating license and insurance cover.

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