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Tip! A cup of hemp tea can lead to a driving ban!

Hemp Tea Drugs Driving Detectable Tip! A cup of hemp tea can lead to a driving ban!

Hemp has been considered a new superfood for a few years. The plant grows with high yield with little effort. Herbicides are unnecessary, which is ideal for organic farming. Paper, textiles and food can be made from hemp. Pollution is contained while the soil is improved and the air is purified. There is a large range of hemp-based foods in the supermarket. Hemp blossom tea can also be found on German supermarket shelves.

Hemp blossom tea - experts advise against it

Hemp tea Drugs Driving a car demonstrable effect 3 tip! A cup of hemp tea can lead to a driving ban!

Although hemp blossom tea is legally sold in Germany, experts advise against consumption. According to statistics, around 3 million Germans currently consume foods that are based on the ingredients of the cannabis plant. With the legalization of hemp cultivation, interest in oils and hemp seeds has increased. They are considered healthy above average and are marketed as superfoods because of their high nutritional content. The boom triggered by the second wave of novel food is giving cannabis a real boom. But hemp is not only an extremely lucrative business for the food industry. It is also used in the medical field. Here its positive properties are used for pain relief. Hemp also works well as a sleep aid.

Up to 0,2 percent THC can be added

Hemp tea Drugs Driving demonstrable effect THC tip! A cup of hemp tea can lead to a driving ban!

If food is produced on the basis of hemp, up to 0,2 percent of the intoxicating substance THC may be added to the products. The FoodWatch warns that this value is often exceeded many times over. Random checks revealed serious deficiencies. Eleven out of 49 products tested were classified as harmful to health and 17 as unsuitable for consumption. In all 28 cases, the permitted amount of THC was significantly exceeded. However, it should be noted that products based on hemp seeds are not considered to be critical. Those products based on flowers or enriched with CBD oils are critical. They can have the same dose of THC as a 10-20 milligram joint.

What does this mean for the driver?

Drivers can come under suspicion during a drug test. And that without having previously consumed THC. Since THC can be detected in the urine for several days, hemp flower tea should not be drunk before driving. Depending on how much intoxicating THC it actually contains, a single dose can make you unable to drive. The body's own metabolic processes can also do their part. CBD-containing substances react in combination with lemon juice and lecithin. This means that relevant amounts of THC can develop in the stomach. But there is no ban on driving. Since the THC content is usually extremely low and other cannabinoids such as CBD are not psychoactive, you can also drive a car after a cup of hemp tea. If you drink it more often, you should point out during a check that you are taking CBD as a dietary supplement.

Clear regulations and strict monitoring.

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The left in particular are calling for the production of CBD products to be more strictly monitored in the future. Clear regulations must be imposed on retail. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment criticizes the fact that the THC content in affected foods is just as high as in medicines. The legislator demands that a clear regulation and defined limit values ​​are established nationwide. This is to protect consumers from abuse. The EU Commission has decided not to approve hemp extracts as novel food for the time being, but to classify them as narcotics.

Conclusion on the subject

CBD-enriched food supplements are approved in this country with a THC value of 0,2. But only if the product has been processed industrially. With the many providers and forms of CBD, you can quickly end up in a legal gray area and maybe even accidentally overdose. This, and the fact that some CBD products make you tired or drowsy, let us consider the products for driving ungeeignet classify. So if you want to be safe on the road with your vehicle and who love your driving license, you should keep your hands off it!

cb no thumbnail tip! A cup of hemp tea can lead to a driving ban!

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youtube tip! A cup of hemp tea can lead to a driving ban!

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