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Historical tuning: H-mark also with modifications

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BRABUS Classic restored Mercedes vintage tuning 2018 37 Historic tuning: H also with modifications

Tuning and the popular H-plates have to should not exclude. There is no question that owners of old vehicles really appreciate the H license plate. Basically you only get it if the car is in its original condition. However, there are also some differences to be considered here and there are exceptions. One can say that old vehicles were built into the tuning parts and can also receive an 'H' mark. Main criterion: the body or drive components added must be "contemporary". If you equip a BMW 2002 with so-called wind splits So that's a change that was very popular in the 70 years and above all familiar. Quite similar is the retrofitting of a dipstick as a parking aid e.g. on a VW Beetle or an old Mercedes S-Class from the 80s. (There is a lot of information on the subject of H license plates in our special)

Dipstick as tuning accessory

Dipstick tuning 2 Historic tuning: H also with modifications

What was in vogue during the production period of the vehicle can also be valid as a contemporary document in a changed condition. If a classic car has received additional, contemporary changes to the body, the chassis or the engine during the normal use phase, this is usually okay for the TÜV during the assessment. However, the modifications must be 30 years old. If you come out of the Porsche 356 or a VW Beetle with a boxer engine Restomod project around the corner it becomes more difficult or even impossible.

Tip: By the way, the H-requirements are for a historic mobile home identical. Everything you need to know is available in our article H license plate for the motorhome? It is important to note that!

But here, too, the classic car appraisal is not a blanket, but must be carried out individually for the respective vehicle. However, comes one BMW E24 M635 CSi with brutal lowering and 20 inch rims including low profile tires around the corner, the hope of getting an H license plate is hopeless. Such a huge change in the character of the car is simply inappropriate for a classic car. So you have to do the balancing act between "everything is possible"And"only absolute originality counts" Find.

Sport suspensions are possible with H license plate

Shelby GT500CR 900S Classic Recreations Restomod Tuning 2016 8 1 Historical tuning: H also with modifications

The same also applies to important technical components. 99% of a fully restored classic car will no longer be on the road with the original chassis. If you install a current chassis from KW, Bilstein, H&R & Co. and give the oldtimer one discreet Lowering shouldn't stand in the way of the H license plate as a rule. After all, road safety must be guaranteed at all times, and this is usually not the case with a decades-old chassis. And to ensure safety in road traffic, a classic car with an H license plate also has to undergo regular technical inspections. Before a conversion in combination with a classic car report is planned, one should be clear about the requirements for the approval as a classic car. If necessary, just ask TÜV & Co. whether the planned changes are to be classified as contemporary tuning. After all, there is nothing better than having the project officially approved as a cultural asset worth preserving. PS: These optimizations can be carried out on the classic car without endangering the H license plate.

VW Beetle Cabrio Restomod by Cartech Tuning 5 Historical tuning: H license plate also with modifications

Of course that had not been the case. has a lot of other articles on the subject of auto & tuning in stock. Do you want to see them all? Just click HERE and look around. But also about planned laws, violations, current regulations or the topic checkpoint we would like to inform you regularly. Everything you can find in the category "Test sites, laws, offenses, information". Following an excerpt of the last information:

Flanging & pulling - so that the desired rim also fits!

Cadillac CTS V Ferrada FRX NUMX Airride Tuning 2 5x310 Historic tuning: H also with modifications

Design protection wobbles - replacement parts could become cheaper workshop 310x165 Historic tuning: H also with modifications

Are brake hills / speed thresholds discrimination?

Bremsh% C3% BCgel Speed ​​thresholds Brake thresholds Discrimination Tuning 310x165 Historical tuning: H also with modifications

TÜV, Dekra, KÜS & Co. - Always have chip tuning entered

APR AUDI RS7 Chiptuning 3.0tdi V6 23 310x165 Historical tuning: H also with modifications

Illegal Race - BMW 320d Vs. Renault Twingo RS

Police Police Lamp Lamp 310x165 Historical tuning: H license plate also with modifications

Protection and chic! Vehicle tuning with front bars

Widebody Mercedes X Class Tuning delta4x4 310x165 Historic tuning: H also with modifications

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