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General inspection: the first aid kit is also due!

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General inspection: the first aid kit is also due!

A first-aid kit belongs in every vehicle. If you are lucky you never have to use it. However, he must in an emergency perfect be. But does someone check it for completeness? In addition to the first-aid kit, the vehicle also needs one safety vest , and a warning triangle, you are Compulsory equipment. But what goes into the first-aid kit? Things like first aid bandages, scissors, compresses, and disposable gloves. And in the future, too two masks be included. There is even more information about the content here. But once the first-aid kit is in the vehicle, it is quickly forgotten. It is therefore a good thing if there is no accident in which you need it. Nevertheless, you should check regularly whether the equipment is still available complete and durable is. And the first-aid kit is also checked during the general inspection.

Completeness and unlimited shelf life?

No, there on the box one Expiry Date (Expiration date). According to the TÜV, this applies to content such as compresses or bandages that are labeled separately. Of course, scissors and similar things do not have an expiration date, so that in principle the individual components that have expired could be replaced before the entire first-aid kit is disposed of.

General inspection: the first aid kit is also due!

General inspection: is it checked?

As part of the mandatory inspection, the inspectors check whether the box is in the vehicle available is and whether the constituents it contains the norm correspond. A check of the expiry date can also be possible as a supplementary examination. If the first aid kit is missing, it is considered inadequate or insufficient. The examiner objects to this as minor defect. If the expiry date has passed, this will only be mentioned as a reference in the test report.

General inspection: the first aid kit is also due!

No TÜV sticker because of a defective first-aid kit?

The badge will be allocated even with a minor defect. However, the owner is responsible for remedying the defect promptly. That means that you don't have to go back to Follow-up examination due to the inadequate first aid kit. That makes a difference to the considerable deficiency before you get the new HU badge, you have to a gross flaw namely to be fixed. However, there must also be minor defects within four weeks be eliminated. During a traffic control, it can be checked whether this was done at the first aid kit or not. If you do not have a first-aid kit with you, you risk a warning fee of at a traffic control 10 Euros.

What do you have to consider when purchasing?

You can't go wrong with buying a first-aid kit. However, the content has the DIN 13164 standard correspond to. Based on the relevant standards and norms, the quality of the medical products contained is thus assured. However, something new is coming soon: According to the Federal Ministry of Transport, medical mouth and nose protection should also be a mandatory component of the first-aid kit. The following amendment to the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations applies as the point in time. This will likely come sometime in 2022.

General inspection: the first aid kit is also due!

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General inspection: the first aid kit is also due!

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General inspection: the first aid kit is also due!

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General inspection: the first aid kit is also due!

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