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Tuning LED Japan cars

For many car enthusiasts, retrofitting with LEDs is one of the main requirements for optical tuning. But not everything is allowed. We want to take a closer look at the legal situation for indoor and outdoor lighting.

LED interior lighting tuning

LED interior lighting: playground for design lovers

The cockpit offers various design options for retrofitting with LEDs. Perhaps the best option is so-called retrofits, with the same base as the usual light bulbs. Therefore the change 1: 1 is possible - already the cockpit has a completely new look. The retrofits are in the vehicle interior authorized, They are gladly used in the trunk or as a reading light. A retrofittable Ambientebeleuchtung with LEDs makes a great deal, Osram offers for this the LEDambient Kit. This set spots and light bars accents on the dashboard and in the floor space, there are different colors and different levels of brightness adjustable.

Osram LEDambient Interior Kit Tuning
Osram LEDambient Interior Kit

These adapt the interior lighting to your own mood. The interior lighting does not explicitly state the StVZO, not even the light colors are fixed. Therefore quite a lot is allowed, nevertheless there are limits by the general regulations of the §§19, 30 StVZO, These state that the light must not affect the driver or other road users. That would be done by too bright rays - under certain circumstances even to the outside. Also, the signal image of the car must be maintained.

LEDs in outdoor lighting

In outdoor lighting, the use of LEDs is legally and technically more complicated. Conversion kits with LEDs are not allowed, their light is too weak. It is also possible to retrofit daytime running lights, which in turn are now offered in three different versions by Osram. It can shine flat or create individual points of light. There are also combined products of fog lights and daytime running lights, an example would be the LEDriving FOG. Additional LED floodlights are generally allowed outside, but the following rules apply:

  • The headlights must always shine white to the front. The same goes for the reversing light. (Alternatively yellow fog lights)
  • The rear and brake lights must always be red.
  • Is always yellowed.
  • Other colors are not allowed.
  • Again, the signal image must not change, which is still much more important on the outside than inside.
  • Underbody lighting is not permitted.
  • Auxiliary lights must be a pair.
  • The headlamps of the pair must be mounted at the same height and at the same distance from the center of the vehicle (symmetrically).

A tuning workshop knows all the rules. If you rely on additional light with LEDs, you should urgently consult there and best make the installation there. Many online offers are legally not allowed.

no chance for the light bar of KITT (Knight Rider)

Of course that had not been the case.

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