Legal tuning? Then the ECE approval is mandatory!

ECE approval tuning 2

The ECE approval (also E-mark, E-mark or E-mark) states that a component on the vehicle has been approved in accordance with EU regulations. This gives it an ECE certification mark which the ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) forgives. The ECE test mark is a large E in the circle plus ECE test number.

Lamborghini Huracan LP610 PUR RS05.M2 2 Piece Pure Design Tuning 3
for example with a rim

What exactly is the ECE approval saying?

It states exactly that these components have been tested in accordance with EU law and therefore they have the required approvals. That led to ECE type approval, The ECE procedure is attended by all EU states and most industrialized nations. These states and their authorities recognize the ECE type-approval with each other. There are ECE regulations which state, among other things, that components with ECE marking in Germany (also in Austria, for example) may be carried, installed and used without the need for a special entry in the vehicle documents. Therefore, neither a TGA (parts certificate) nor an ABE (General operating permit) required. However, the area of ​​use required by the permit must be complied with. In Germany the § 21a StVZO regulates the recognition of the ECE marking. Always marked with an E and a subsequent number. The marking is a type approval, not a manufacturer's declaration. The ECE marking is issued by the KBA on request together with a type approval number. The ECE verification number also includes the code of the approving state (1 = Germany, 42 = EU).

Use of the ECE plate

This mark may only be used on parts of vehicles or equipment that comply with the provisions of an ECE approval. There must be no similar signs on the parts with likelihood of confusion. If you now install a part that does not have ECE approval, you must obtain a partial report (with a recognized expert) for one General operating permit to obtain. This report is then to be carried in the vehicle. If the holder refrains from doing so, the operating permit for the vehicle expires as long as the part is installed. For this reason, retrofitting with components that have ECE approval is definitely recommended for tuning purposes. Incidentally, there are even more supranational test marks. One consists of a small one e inside a rectangle, it stands for the European type approval. This symbol is not to be confused with ECE approval. Similarly, the CE marking that exists on many products has nothing to do with ECE approval.

Also ours license plate light (Tutorial) has an e-mark

LED license plate light VW Phaeton Tuning 3 1

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