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Is it legal to fasten license plates with magnets? The info!

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Magnetism makes it easy to attach license plates! As? We'll explain that to you! In order to be able to identify traffic offenders or the owners of crime vehicles, each vehicle must be equipped with a license plate. And the look of the license plate is also clearly defined by the legislature. A classic license plate is white and has black lettering and a border. It was also determined that how large the license plate may be. On the other hand, somewhat vaguely formulated by the legislature, the way is Attachment from the license plate on the vehicle. Some have therefore decided to use a magnets to fix.

Fasten license plate with magnet!

But what legal regulations are there that must be observed when installing the license plate on the vehicle. Can the license plate be attached with a magnet at all? What sanctions threaten the vehicle owner, if the requirements of the legislature are met when installing were not complied with? The following guide provides the most important information.

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FAQ: Fix car license plates by a magnetism

  • How does the license plate actually have to be mounted on the vehicle? Will be by the legislature just stipulates that a license plate must be permanently attached to the vehicle. the Method will against it should not given.
  • Can a license plate be attached with a magnet? It is still not clear whether a license plate can only be attached with a magnet. The main thing here is whether the police do the assembly than firm enough assesses.
  • What happens if the fastening is insufficient? If the license plate is not fixed, a misdemeanor threaten. That moves in Fine of 60 euros after yourself. There could even be a threat of prohibiting you from continuing your journey.
  • What are the requirements for attaching a license plate with a magnet? Vehicle owners especially mount their license plate with a magnet when driving to a car meet. It is often photographed there. If the license plate has only been attached with a magnet, it can be easy for the photo session be removed. In this case, you don't have to pixelate the license plate. A quick and clean option!
  • But what is the legislature's opinion if the license plate was attached with a magnet? This procedure may be allowedbecause it was not clearly stated. In the Vehicle Admission Ordinance §10 Paragraph 5 Clause 1 it only says: "License plates must be present and firmly attached to the front and rear of the vehicle."

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So it is not clear describes whether the mounting of the license plate with a magnet is considered fixed. On the Internet you can find some reports from motorists who during a general inspection had no problems with their license plates, which were attached with a magnet. However, some reports also state that the type of assembly was assessed by the police as an administrative offense and a fine had to be paid.

Attention! In the FZV, the legislator defines very clear ideas about what a license plate should look like and what material it must be made of. The use of magnetic license plates is not allowed. This is a magnetic foil. The license plate is printed on it. However, the official seal of approval of the registration office is missing on such license plates, which makes it suitable for public road traffic not suitable is. Such magnetic foils are allowed just be used for decorative purposes outside of public traffic.

  • What can happen if the fastening is inadequate? If the competent authorities are of the opinion that the attachment of the license plate not tight enough is, that is called misdemeanor rated.
  • But what sanctions are there in this case? A look at the table of fines shows that the penalty at around 60 euros is because you have a vehicle without registration number have used. In addition to paying the fine, the police may also have the Proceeding prohibiteduntil the license plates have been properly installed.

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At the end... Current status - it is not possibleto make a fundamental statement about whether the regulations will be violated if a license plate is attached with a magnet. It always depends on the interpretation of the legal requirements. In addition, it must be assumed that not every officer carries out a precise check of how the license plate was affixed to the vehicle and whether it violates the traffic rules. If strong magnets are used for fastening, then the fastening method should be sufficient in 99% of cases.

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