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Driver's license withdrawal - anything but a pleasant situation!

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Driving without a driver's license Penalties Police 2 Withdrawal of driver's license anything but a pleasant situation!

The elimination of the driving licence can have several causes. Taking a ride in the car Influence of alcohol, possibly hit-and-run in an accident or too strong or frequent Speeding. Other reasons are driving over a red traffic light or simply a full points account in the driver's license register in Flensburg. You can “accumulate” a maximum of 8 points! No matter how it happens, if your driver's license is suddenly gone is definitely not a cheer. Because the path to recovery is anything but easy. (By the way, from 2021 the "Optimized Practical Driving License Test" (OPFEP) will apply - more about this in our article)

When the driving license is revoked!

Drug behind the wheel Consequences Driver's license criminal offense e1591380101666 Driver's license withdrawal anything but a pleasant situation!

  • usually only in the case of serious or repeated violations
  • because of alcohol or drugs behind the wheel
  • run over red light
  • serious offense during the probationary period (Another A-violation after probation Extension, after Extension of probationary period four more B violations)
  • Earned 8 points in Flensburg
  • Road traffic offense in connection with a motor vehicle
  • Speeding too high or too often
  • according to a court order

What is the process if the driver's license is gone?

MPU Iditotentest costs questions preparation driving license withdrawal anything but a pleasant situation!

  1. Driving license withdrawal takes longer than driving ban (Driving ban usually lasts 1 to 3 months)
  2. A certain blocking period is imposed (bThose affected are not allowed to drive a motor vehicle during this time, at least 6 months and at most 5 years, the blocking period can be shortened by 3 months)
  3. After the blocking period, the driver's license can be re-issued
  4. Driving license can also be temporarily withdrawn (the final decision is made by a court)
  5. The driving license is withdrawn by the driving license authority (for violations of the road traffic regulations - StVO)
  6. Objection to the decision is possible
  7. Objection to judicial decision is should not is also possible
  8. Drivers license withdrawal due to drugs or alcohol requires a medical-psychological examination (MPU) and its passing for a reassignment (an abstinence test can also be ordered and must be completed for six months or a year)
  9. After 5 years after this Withdrawal of a driver's license without a violation of the road traffic regulations will apply from sixth Year one ten year old Statute of limitations activated (After 15 years, the entry on the withdrawal of a driver's license is deleted, a new driver's license can then be applied for without an MPU, but the driving license authority can then request a new driving test)

Opportunities to get your driving license back?

MPU Iditotentest costs questions preparation 2 driving license withdrawal anything but a pleasant situation!

It must be clarified in advance if it is one withdrawal the driving license or a time-limited one driving ban. If the latter is the case, those affected will automatically receive their driving license back after a maximum of 3 months. Quite different with a withdrawal of the driver's license. Under certain circumstances, it may be possible to submit a so-called medical-psychological examination (colloquial idiot test - MPU) to complete have. If the driver's license is withdrawn, the period to regain it is at least 6 months, but for the most part the waiting time is even longer. Many of those affected then feel a certain hopelessness and are overwhelmed with the situation. The question arises, from where can serious help be expected.

serious help in such situations

There are various associations that help those affected to regain their driving license. The organizations offer, for example, to take care of all administrative procedures. This is very advantageous as it ensures that no deadlines are missed, which can lead to further disadvantages. As an ordinary citizen, it is not always easy to know which applications have to be submitted and which deadlines have to be met. In addition, when an expert is consulted on the matter, one leaves a predominantly positive impression in such positions. Unfortunately, the driver's license office does not always provide information about which exact documents are required for an MPU in order to be able to successfully pass it. Clear information is not always provided as to how long abstinence is required after driving license withdrawal due to driving under the influence of alcohol.

Tip: There is also for fans of motorhomes and camping There are a few things to consider around the driving license!

The best help in this case comes from a Preparation for the MPU. Since this procedure differs from case to case, it is advisable to prepare for it with individual advice. However, it is NOT mandatory! In order to achieve a certain level of security before the start of the examination, trial MPUs can be carried out under a realistic framework. These experts who are present know exactly which questions are being asked and they pass on important information in this regard. These and other methods take away some of the fear of the actual appointment. PS: Do you know the strangest road traffic fines in this country and abroad? We have summarized them:

Incidentally, help can be provided directly on site, online or by telephone. The procedures online or by telephone are particularly interesting if there is no opportunity for a personal visit due to time constraints or the long distance. If you take the matter into your own hands, specialist literature and advice books certainly offer help in this regard. However, they often contain imprecise and sometimes out of date information on the topic, or they are only described in general terms. So if you take care of things yourself, a certain increased nervousness in addition to the already existing tension will certainly remain behind. If you have failed to get professional advice on this at an early stage, you can even get advice shortly before the shop closes.

Collaboration opportunities?

Associations that offer professional help in this regard almost always offer an initial telephone call free of charge. During this phone call, an expert assessment of the situation is made and a corresponding plan is developed on this basis. The services used can be paid as a fixed price once or often in installments. This gives you planning security right from the start regarding the costs that will be incurred by the person concerned. Everything went according to plan can the driver's license must be returned to the offender after 6 months. In summary, you can say that you have the best chance of getting your driver's license back as soon as possible if you take this matter calmly and seek professional help. If you are well prepared for the MPU, that usually means half the battle! If a driving ban has been issued, then there is certain conditions Incidentally, there is also the option of submitting a so-called pardon to court. There is more on this topic in the following article!

PS. The penalties for drugs or alcohol also apply also for e-scooter drivers as was recently judged. PPS: Do you know the strangest road traffic fines here and abroad? We have summarized them:

BayObLG judgment for alcohol scooter 3 driving license withdrawal anything but a pleasant situation!

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Red traffic light red light violation% C3% 9F e1592455582324 310x165 Withdrawal of driver's license anything but a pleasant situation!

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BayObLG judgment for alcohol scooter 3 310x165 driving license withdrawal anything but a pleasant situation!

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Speed ​​camera photo out of focus invalid fine 310x165 driving license withdrawal anything but a pleasant situation!

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