What actually is a so-called LoF approval?

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odes marder 850 LOF approval e1610110155293 What is a so-called LoF approval?

Under the so-called LoF approval one understands one Agricultural or forestry license. A motor vehicle is permitted here four wheels and two seats. For example, one is required lighting system, the the StVZO and all additional modifications of the VKP approval correspond. This includes, for example, an existing one reverse gear.

Quads and ATVs with LoF approval

lof approval ZUG approval ATV Quad What actually is a so-called LoF approval?

Furthermore must Quads and ATV's (All Terrain Vehicles) over one registered trailer coupling feature. It is allowed to drive with open nominal power, but it is important to note that the engine capacity must be larger than 50 cubic centimeters and also like the car on the Before the- and Rear license plate must be attached. Another similarity to the conventional car is that the quads and ATVs as well every two years to General inspection must.

Approval of quads / ATVs - what should you watch out for?

A quad has one continuous bench and one Motorcycle handlebarswhile a Side-by-side ATV over two or more seats side by side, Steering wheel, one Roll bar or a roof and load area disposes. Quads and ATVs are especially handy if you have to frequent light transport work would like to carry out and would like a useful and also relatively compact support. So the quads are extremely suitable for Messenger or Inspection trips in the field, but also if you plan to use one Sweeper, One Granulate dispenser or a sliding plate to work, quads are a very practical help. Also for the work in the forest you can use a quad. Since 2016 the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has been dividing quads into three different categories one:

  1. light road quads: these have maximum 50 cubic centimeters and drive maximum 45 km / h schnell.
  2. serious Street quads, also Sports quads called
  3. serious All-terrain quads, also ATV's called

Approval of a quad as a LoF machine

When admitting most quads are available four options to disposal:

  1. Approval as Light vehicle, until 45 km / h top speed
  2. Approval as four-wheeled vehicle to Passenger transport
  3. Approval as four-wheeled Vehicle to Freight transport
  4. Approval as Country- or forest tractor (LoF approval)

Within the LoF approval So it's a way of getting a quad legal with open performance may drive. The aforementioned requirements that such tractors must meet with regard to Trailer hitch and reverse gear but are important. The LoF approval is the most common form of approval of quads in Germany. One advantage is, for example, that the Driver's license that class B (formerly class 3) can be used and there is also none design-related top speed. However, it is in any case mandatory while driving Wear a helmet.

What about the approval of accessories and tuning parts for quads and ATVs?

Tuning Quad ATV LOF approval What actually is a so-called LoF approval?

There are a lot Accessoriesthat of the Vehicle manufacturers and third-party is offered. For example, there is next to Snow plowing and snow blowers also Chainsaw holder, Trailers and Fertilizer spreader. There are also accessories such as Tow- or Disc harrows. ATVs have no PTO. Because of this, attachments that need to be powered have Auxiliary engines. However, there are a few things to consider when approving:

  • Attachments that are firmly connected to the vehicle (For example, luggage racks with CE approval) are allowed.
  • When an attachment or trailer is moved from a vehicle that is registered and private on 6 km/h is limited, it may even on public roads be moved. That is also the case when it comes to a registered commercial vehicle (e.g. tractors in agriculture and forestry) with a top speed von 25 km/h concerns.
  • If attachments without CE-Zulassung are installed (for example a self-welded luggage rack), the vehicle registration expires
  • Trailers and attachments that have CE approval are acceptable - but many will without TUV or ABE sells what use on public roads forbids.
  • Tuning on one Quad or ATV must be in Essential correspond to all aspects of car tuning, at least if the vehicle has one street legal has.
    - Components need a ABE or another Expert opinion 
    - Components must abgenom financing and in the Paper be noted
    - exceptions apply with regard to the various possibilities for admission (LoF admission). You should therefore always speak to an examiner about the project in advance.

Of course that had not been the case.

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