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Fastening the license plate: Magnet / Velcro mounting allowed?

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3D license plate CARBONOPTIK Tuning 2018 20 e1609245853495 Fasten car license plates: Mounting with magnet / Velcro allowed?
When it comes to attaching a dropped or a new license plate, the magnetism actually a good alternative to the conventional one number plate it is in Germany at all permitted, the vehicle registration number with a magnet to assemble?

The appearance of the license plate is fixed

Check your desired license plate Requirements 9 Attach the license plate: Magnet / Velcro mounting allowed?

In Germany must each Motor vehicle are provided with a license plate. This allows Traffic offender or the Vehicle owner be identified. That is why the legislature has made the appearance of license plates comprehensive Are defined. The license plate must be a white sign act. The font as well as the Border are Black held. Also the Size of the shield is concrete Are defined. Color exceptions are of course that Transfer indicator and red license plate or even that green license plate.

Attachment of the license plate is unclear!

However, that is not clearly definedhow the license plate should be attached to the vehicle. Some vehicle owners therefore rely on magnets to install the license plate on the vehicle. The unclear definition raises the question of which legal regulations must be observed for the assembly of the license plates? Threaten Sanktionen, should be the license plate not according to the specifications to be assembled?

What are the requirements for assembly?

Magnet license plate holder Velcro tuning e1609246027567 Fastening car license plates: Mounting with magnet / Velcro allowed?

Assembly is particularly popular with magnetic holders especially in the tuning scene and with vehicles that are fond of Car meeting take part. The cars are often photographed there. If the license plate is attached with a magnet, it can be used for the duration of the recordings without any further problems abgenom financing will. There is no need to pixelate the license plate. The answer to the question of what the legislator thinks of magnetically attached license plates is not clear. According to Section 10, Paragraph 5, Clause 1 of the Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV):

  • The license plate must be attached to the Before the- as well as back from the vehicle available and permanently mounted .

That speaks in principle nothing against assembly using a magnet. Because whether the magnet is considered "fixed" is also not clearly defined. The experiences of various road users are also not clear. While some motorists do the main inspection no problems whatsoever with such a license plate, others run into problems. So were the police already fines imposed as they are assembling with a magnet and misdemeanor evaluated.

Attachment with Velcro?

Is the attachment of the license plate by means of Velcro allowed? One such variant of the Carrier for oxygen bottles we have for example with our Carbon Plate used and it is often in What's in the box included. One part will glued to the vehicle and the other part comes to the license plate. The result is sometimes fester than the conventional plastic license plate holder. Nothing speaks with this variant either against approval! Basically, the license plate could also be glued with 4 kg of silicone. If that lasts, so should it no problem give.

3D license plate CARBONOPTIK Tuning 2018 16 Fastening car license plates: Mounting with magnet / Velcro allowed?

Strict specifications for the license plate!

Important: Both that Appearance as well as that Material of the license plate are from Legislature clear Are defined. Specifications can also be found in the FZV. The use of Magnetic identification is in not allowed. With these Magnetic identification it is one printed on the license plate magnetic foil. This variant is allowed on public roads not used be because on her that official seal of approval of the Admissions office is inappropriate and also not forgiven becomes. It puts one in decorative object represents

What if the fastening is inadequate?

The attachment with a magnet is then considered misdemeanorwhen the license plate not sufficiently firm is appropriate. If the license plate with the magnet is not installed properly, it is with a fine to be calculated according to the table of fines. This is 60 Euros for the offense of missing registration number. In addition to the fine of 60 euros, the officers are also authorized to the Prohibit any further travel with the vehicle. In this case, you are only allowed to continue your journey if the number plates comply with the regulations permanently mounted are. Strength Neodymium holder (Neodymium magnets) should sufficient .

3D license plate CARBONOPTIK Tuning 2018 14 e1609245703496 Fasten car license plates: Mounting with magnet / Velcro allowed?

Whether the license plate can be attached by magnet or whether this assembly contravenes the regulations is not clear. The decisive factor is how the legal requirements are interpreted. Also the traction engines of the magnets is crucial in this case. As long as the license plate lasts, is clearly visible and otherwise complies with the traffic regulations corresponds to, the shield will certainly be used by the officials not controlled.


  • How is the license plate to be mounted on the vehicle?
    One method of how the license plate must be attached to the car is by law not defined. Basically, it is only required that the label "firmly attached" have to be.
  • Can the license plate be attached with a magnet?
    So far it has not yet been clearly clarified whether the attachment by magnet is considered "firmly attached". But we say YES! The same applies to fastening by means of velcro.
  • What if the fastening is not enough?
    If the fastening is not sufficient, there is one misdemeanor in front. For this one can fine in the amount of 60 Euros be imposed.

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