Modifying headlights: What's the point - and what is allowed?

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The headlight is an important part of the car. He performs important tasks. Of course, this includes the illumination when it is dark. That Retrofitting of daytime running lights Incidentally, it is "recommended" for older vehicles and has been since February 2011 have New cars up to 3,5 tons can even be equipped with it as standard. Incidentally, the headlights are often also a characteristic design feature for the external appearance. Change can for example through a Headlight tuning be reached. The question arises, what is the point and what is allowed? It is popular for the halogen headlights, which are responsible for the high and low beams, to be replaced with an LED version in an older car. Such an exchange is in many cases allowed. About by means Retrofit flares. They are available for a large number of vehicles in specialist shops. But the flares should by a professional installed and they must have an ECE declaration ("E-mark") feature. This states that the product meets the legal requirements. If this is not the case and the marking is missing, then the flares are allowed not be installed. If you do it anyway, then you drive without an operating license and insurance and are therefore liable to prosecution.

LED headlights are better than halogen headlights!

Right Hand Drive Approved Germany Headlights

The price for such LED light sets is around 500 EUR including control units for one VW Golf MK7. The installation creates a improved illumination due to higher range and they generate stronger contrasts. Alternatively, there is also the possibility of avoiding the complete replacement of the headlight. Namely when about the old halogen H7 by a improved version is replaced. Here, however, attention should be paid to the quality features and branded products should be used. Another alternative are incandescent lamps that glow bluish, so-called "Xenon Effect" bulbs. With these, the light color is comparable to daylight. However, the light output is usually not significantly greater than with normal halogen lamps and sometimes, depending on the manufacturer even lower. Another option is LED light bulbs for retrofitting. There are, for example, from Osram. they call themselves OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LED and they are for many vehicles including E-approval .

When tuning headlights, clean lights are important!

So that the headlights on the vehicle shine well, the lenses (clear glass covers) should not be polluted. If the cover pane is even slightly damaged, oncoming traffic can already be dazzled. However, you should not polish them completely. This could also cause glare and also remove material. There one Repair is prohibited due to the type approval of the headlight, it must be replaced if necessary.

Adjusting headlight bezels light

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