Motorcyclists: These important changes will apply from 2021!

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Motorbike Euro 5 exhaust bike driver's license Motorcyclists: These important changes will apply from 2021!

A new emission standard and increased costs in the Driving test: The innovations for motorcyclists in 2021 will be from clear shown! Important changes for motorcyclists. With the turn of the year, the nationwide new Driving license test regulations OPFEP (optimized practical driving test) in force. Standardization and transparency should make this more important for novice drivers Accident risk along with the new one Examination regulations less .

At the turn of the year: emission standard Euro 5

Euro 5 BMW motorcyclists: These important changes will apply from 2021!

Since first January 2021 have Motorcycles with the new registration Emission standard Euro 5 to meet. It states that the exhaust gas values ​​are compared to € 4 um around 33 percent be reduced. True is the difference between € 4 and € 5 not quite as big as the respective predecessors, but the demands are increasing in terms of technology for manufacturers. Was enough before the use of catalysts and injection off, so must now variable timing the turbocharger fiddled will. The Specific output is another variable. At Sport bikes this is of particular relevance, because the performance is allowed not lose weight, Also air-cooled engines and Zweitakter are impaired. It is the job of the manufacturer here new technical innovations to develop. However, there is no short-term pressure for the industry, as many recently introduced bikes use the Euro-5 standard could already show. Euro 4 two-wheelers, which before the corona lockdown went into production, thanks to one Exemption of KBA also in the new year still to be sold and approved. It is different with Buyers of Euro 4 motorcycles to End of 2020. Approval can take place in 2021 no longer automatic respectively!

Class 250 approval

A2 driving license for motorcyclists Motorcyclists: These important changes will apply from 2021!

The A2 driving license is allowed to ride on a motorcycle from now on 250 cubic meters Displacement can be completed. The requirements so far were 395 cubic capacity and performance between 27 and 48 PS. The EU has also recognized that many motorcyclists face this performance limit not exploit and even before 48 hp bikes have a certain respect (we don't want to say fear) put on the day. The new regulation applies since 1. November 2020.

Additional costs for the practical exam!

In future, learner drivers will receive the content in the new test catalog more understandable explained. The evaluation takes place digital to Scoring and Traffic light system. Power and weaknesses of the test item analyzed and corresponding feedback to him passed on. Here is the success of the driving test should not relevant. With regard to the duration of the examination, from now on ten minutes Learn more of which five minutes to new Driving tasks and five minutes for that Feedback omitted. That is less pleasant Cost increasethat comes with the innovations: In the classes A2 and A the jump is almost 24 Prozent (from 118,30 euros to 146,56 euros). The classes A1 and AM even have one even bigger leap to be recorded. Here the sum is now instead of before 89,44 Euros now on 116,93 Euros. The increase is about 30 Prozent.

motorrad fahrschule test motorcyclists: These important changes will apply from 2021!

Of course that had not been the case. has a lot of other articles on the subject of auto & tuning in stock. Do you want to see them all? Just click HERE and look around. But also planned changes in the law, violations in road traffic, current regulations in the field of STVO or on the subject inspection we would like to inform you regularly. Everything you can find in the category "Test sites, laws, offenses, information". Following an excerpt of the last information:

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What actually is a so-called LoF approval?

odes marder 850 LOF approval e1610110155293 310x165 motorcyclists: These important changes will apply from 2021!

In 2021, the approval of Euro 4 motorcycles will be complicated!

Motorcycle rearview mirror LED daytime running lights Gazzini Louis Tuning 2 310x165 Motorcyclists: These important changes will apply from 2021!

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