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Mouth and nose protection on the inside mirror - is that allowed?

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Mouth and nose protection on the inside mirror - is that allowed?

Mouth and nose protective masks have now become an everyday item of clothing due to the coronavirus. However, many drivers like to hang their mask on the inside mirror of their vehicle while driving. Is this even allowed by law? In order to be able to answer this question, you should be familiar with Section 23 Paragraph 1 Sentence 1 of the Road Traffic Act. Because this means that the hanging of objects of any kind in the vehicle verboten is when the objects are hung in such a way that they obstruct the driver's view. If an object is hung inside the vehicle in such a way that it impairs the view, the driver has to use a Fine of 10 euros expected.

Fine of 10 euros

Mouth and nose protection on the inside mirror - is that allowed?

But it really is verboten to hang his mask on the inside mirror?
Opinions differ on this issue. Many traffic lawyers are of the opinion that masks cannot be viewed as a visual obstruction. However, a mask that is constantly dangling from the inside mirror can distract the driver from the traffic in the long run. Since the mask is constantly in motion while driving, the driver can get used to it and possibly no longer perceive the actions of other road users that he otherwise sees in the corner of his eye.

In the event of an accident, the driver is always liable

Insurance companies confirm that the driver's field of vision must always remain clear. Since mouth and nose protection is usually much larger than, for example, one fragrant tree, according to the insurance company, such a mask is a significant nuisance. If an accident is caused and, in the worst case, someone is injured, the driver could be because of the mask on the inside mirror negligent bodily harm be prosecuted. From an insurance law perspective, a mask on the inside mirror can even lead to joint or sole liability. It is therefore better to store the mask in one of the vehicle's storage compartments or in the glove compartment. Ideally in a small plastic bag so that the mask is well protected against contamination.

CD against radar detector / speed camera?

Mouth and nose protection on the inside mirror - is that allowed?

All objects such as scented trees, small cuddly toys, large cubes, chains, ribbons, pendants, pennants from your favorite football club, CDs, etc. as decoration should not be attached to the rearview mirror. This actually also applies to the popular scented tree. Even comparatively small tags on the mirror are dangerous. Or are you about the belief that having a reflective CD on the inside mirror can help you the speed camera won't harm? Bullshit! He'll still take a good picture of you and your car. By the way, the CD can dazzle oncoming traffic if there is enough light. Thus, accidents can be caused. So: down with it!

Of course that had not been the case.

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Mouth and nose protection on the inside mirror - is that allowed?

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Mouth and nose protection on the inside mirror - is that allowed?

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Mouth and nose protection on the inside mirror - is that allowed?

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