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Ignoring multiple signs can be expensive!

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Noise speed camera sound flashers tuningblog2 Ignoring multiple signs can be expensive!

Despite all your attention, a sign with a speed limit can easily be overlooked. Anyone who is then flashed must fear a sometimes severe punishment. However, this can be even higher, albeit several information signs be disregarded. Because in such a case a increased negligence or even from intent went out. A judgment of the Higher Regional Court of Koblenz (Az .: 4 OWi 6 SsRs 26/21) dealt with this matter.

Shield (he) disregarded = higher punishment!

In this specific case, a car driver was driving on the motorway after deducting the speed tolerance 121 km/h, although the maximum speed allowed was only 100 kilometers per hour. Signs in front of the measuring point pointed out the matter three times. The driver filed an objection to the fine of 70 euros. The responsible district court subsequently increased the standard fine in its verdict and imposed a penalty of 85 Euros. The reason given was that the driver had ignored several signs in a row.

Multiple signage Judgment Punishment Ignoring multiple signage can be expensive!

The case goes to the Higher Regional Court

The decision of the local court was made by the Koblenz Higher Regional Court approved. Because according to the judges' argument, regular fines are based on a “normal” design of the case. If special circumstances exist, this can be deviated from. According to the court, such a special circumstance would exist in the specific case, since the motorist is the Multiple signage had disregarded. In addition, the driver was guilty of a prolonged breach of due diligence.

Judgment of OLG Court 2 e1609154219481 Ignoring multiple signs can be expensive!

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USA: What does legal cannabis mean for road safety?

THC Test Police drug cannabis CBD 310x165 Ignoring multiple signs can be expensive!

This must be taken into account with car stickers

Rim bed sticker Rim bed sticker Tuning Wheelsticker 2 e1558680917805 250x165 Ignoring multiple signs can be expensive!

Protects against fines: That's the five-meter rule!

Five meters rule parking junction 5m rule 1 e1623475701375 310x165 Ignoring multiple signs can be expensive!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Ignoring multiple signs can be expensive!

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