Without words: retrofit sound generators now prohibited

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Soundcheck BMW 420i Supersprint Sport Exhaust System

In times of problems with immigration, our education system, terrorism, crime and far too low pensions, the federal government has taken on another particularly important topic - "retrofittable sound generators"! That's exactly what they are from now on verboten! The sometimes embarrassing teams of the “Sokos Autoposer”, which operate across Germany, have ensured that the Federal Ministry of Transport now bans electronic generators for retrofitting. The components allegedly contradict the requirements of Paragraphs 30, Paragraph 1, No. 1 and 55 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) and this means that they no longer receive an operating permit.

Sound generators now banned

Mercedes G350d W463 Chiptuning lowering sound module 9

So it is written in the Verkehrsblatt 5/2018 of the Ministry of Andreas Scheuer (CSU). So far, there have only been exceptions for warning systems for particularly low-noise electric cars (e.g. Tesla) and hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius or the BMW i8. Even the factory-installed engine sound systems are now used harder. A flap exhaust system and a sound generator can now be used in all existing settings and driving situations like the acceleration not be louder than in the driving mode that was used to obtain the type approval. The EU Noise Ordinance of July 1, 2016 states that cars with EU type approvals must be tested according to uniform limit values. Cars have been divided into four different categories. The higher the power-to-weight ratio (calculated in HP per ton (HP / t), the more volume the car and its exhaust system can produce.

The background is that you want to reduce the overall noise level in three stages. New cars with an output of up to 163 hp may be 72 dB loud (previously 74 dB) and from 2022 new vehicles will no longer have to exceed 70 dB. From 2026 it will only be 68 dB that such a vehicle can produce. With the new ban and the upcoming restrictions one wants another blow "in the fight“Against so-called autoposers. At this point we would like to congratulate the “Soko Autoposer” team on their important contribution to making our lives so much more worth living. THANK YOU ^^

Sound modules banned 2018

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  1. Absolutely right. I have nothing against high-powered cars (the more the better: D) but this unnecessary noise, which only gives the impression that the car is faster than it looks, should finally be prohibited.
    I myself am woken up every morning by my pitiful neighbor, whose rust arbor should sound like a V8.

  2. Richard Grunert

    It's not the "SOKO Autoposer" that is embarrassing, it's the profile neurotic noiseless pussies.

  3. I think the ban is good - what do you get if your car is loud !?

  4. OK then.

    In my opinion, the whole unnecessary noise should be banned. Can't understand what's great about owning a car that is as loud as possible or as much horsepower as possible - that's just "child crap". People should grow up sometime.

    It is time for internal combustion engines to be completely abolished and banned. Has lost nothing in our time of (unfortunately) systematic environmental destruction. It's already loud everywhere and stinky enough in the cities. Electric drives are needed. Quiet and without exhaust fumes. And I've been saying this for as long as I can think.

    • We also think that a sound generator does not necessarily have to be. Better a proper sports exhaust system and under the hood a thick V8 ^^

  5. My face, is the article embarrassing .. If you have a loud car, okay, but make it artificially louder? Those who need it have very small eggs. If there is not enough coal for a really loud car, then that's just bad luck.

  6. Hahaha, what a poor "article". Those aggressive, pseudo-masculine phrases. Reads like an essay by a secondary school student who wants to present himself in the schoolyard in front of his similarly less well-off classmates.
    Get excited about legal regulations that put annoying profile neurotics in their place and protect noise-plagued citizens from unnecessary noise. Call the SOKO posers embarrassing? They usually have more expertise than many a “vehicle mechatronics apprentice” (maybe sounds better than a “car screwdriver”, but it doesn't make any difference), who tries to “upgrade” their own cheap bowl by installing a small noise box. And drive a higher quality car, both for business and private purposes. Otherwise no problems?
    The comments clearly show that the scribe with his ridiculous attitude is alone in the far hall. It's best to put your own bastard next to the bed and put a brick on the accelerator. With the "great sound" you sleep much better, right? Tssss ...

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