Against exhaust sound: noise flasher now also in California!

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After Switzerland and New York The US state of California is now also planning to fight unnecessary noise. Here, too, cars that are too loud are to be detected in the future using special monitoring devices. Appropriate monitoring devices (a kind of "noise speed camera") are set up for this purpose. A bill plans a multi-year pilot that could start on January 1, 2023 and run until December 31, 2027. The test runs are to be carried out in six as yet unknown cities. The draft law speaks of a new technology in the form of a sensor system that reacts to sound. If a vehicle is too loud and exceeds the permitted noise level, the sensors activate a camera that works like a conventional speed camera and then takes a "clear photo" of the license plate. With special "noise speed cameras" signs, drivers in California are to be made aware of the new "measuring zones" when they enter them.

Noise cameras now also in California

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However, there are no changes to the limit values. Furthermore, exhaust systems of cars may be no louder than 95 decibels and those of motorcycles built after 1985 may be no more than 80 decibels. And why all this? Because in more and more cities the residents are annoyed by Auto Posers. The "noise speed camera" pilot project in California is initially planned for five years and, as the draft law reveals, the first "noise violation" should not result in a financial penalty for the driver/owner. However, if the driver again notices that the exhaust is too loud, then there is a risk of trouble. The proceeds from the “noise speed camera” campaign are initially intended to refinance the program and be used for “traffic calming measures”.

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