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Parking on the sidewalk: what are the rules?

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Parking on the sidewalk Fines Penalties Parking on the sidewalk: what are the rules?

Parking spaces are rare, especially in densely populated areas. In many regions, the parking areas also have to give way to green spaces, so that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a parking space for your own vehicle. If you don't enjoy the luxury of a garage, you can waste a lot of time looking for a parking space. If, for example, the start of work gets closer and closer, some road users decide to park the vehicle on the sidewalk. But when exactly is this actually allowed? What fines are there if you illegally park a car on the sidewalk? The following article gets to the bottom of these questions and provides you with comprehensive information.

Where is parking allowed?

Before we go into concrete detail about parking on the sidewalk, we first want to clarify which regulations the road traffic regulations (StVO) generally identify for parking. In § 12 Abs. 4 StVO it says: The right-hand hard shoulder, including parking lanes along the road, must be used for parking if it is adequately paved, otherwise the right-hand edge of the road must be approached.

Parking on the sidewalk Fines Penalties 2 Parking on the sidewalk: What are the rules?

In addition to these locations, you can of course also park in marked parking areas. However, make sure that parking space management is carried out there. Then you have to pay for a parking ticket. If you do not do this, you face sanctions. You also have to be careful if it is a private parking space. The operator can set up his own rules there. For example, he can only allow parking if you as a customer go to one of the nearby shops.

Are you allowed to park a car on the sidewalk?

The rules mentioned above do not conclusively clarify whether it is allowed to park on the sidewalk or not. In fact, there is no specific regulation in this regard in the StVO. However, § 25 StVO stipulates that pedestrians must use the sidewalk. Conversely, this means that no vehicles may be parked there. However, there are exceptions:

Parking on the sidewalk Fines Penalties 3 Parking on the sidewalk: What are the rules?

If there are parking lot markings on the sidewalk, you can park your car there. The same also applies when the traffic sign 315 is set up. This allows vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of up to 2,8 t to be parked on the sidewalk. As a rule, the traffic sign indicates that you are allowed to park halfway on the sidewalk. This means that you can drive onto the sidewalk with two tires so that a complete axle of the vehicle is on it.

Are you allowed to park a two-wheeler on the sidewalk?

In principle, the same parking rules apply to motorcycles and scooters as to other motor vehicles. Nevertheless, especially in large cities, it can be observed again and again that many two-wheelers are parked on the sidewalk. As a rule, the employees of the public order office show indulgence when motorcycles are parked on the sidewalk. However, this only applies as long as they are not a hindrance for pedestrians.

Possible fines for prohibited parking on the sidewalk

If drivers park unauthorized on the sidewalk, they must expect sanctions in accordance with the catalog of fines. As a rule, a fine is issued. However, points in Flensburg or a driving ban are not provided. Below we provide you with an overview of some of the sanctions that threaten if you park unauthorized on the sidewalk and are caught by an employee of the public order office:

  • Parking illegally on the sidewalk: 20 euros
  • Parking illegally on the sidewalk including disability of others: 30 euros
  • Parked illegally on the sidewalk for more than an hour: 30 euros
  • Parked illegally on the sidewalk for more than an hour including disability: 35 euros

consider it: If you park your vehicle on the sidewalk and this is an obstacle for pedestrians, your car can also be towed away. In this case you will have to pay for the towing costs yourself. These are usually in the three-digit range. You can find further fines that may be incurred if you park illegally on a sidewalk on the advice portal bussgeldkatalog.net.

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