Enter PU bushings from the chassis? Does the operating license expire otherwise?

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currently makes (again) the message the round that supposedly expires when the operating permit PU chassis bushings (uniball etc.) are not registered or no papers (ABE) etc. own. According to various opinions on the net, the HU would then no longer pass. PU bushings are basically a structural change, as they are not original and are not present in the vehicle ex works. According to opinions on the net, they must therefore be entered, which does not sound entirely illogical. And you can say JA, that's right! Why? Third-party components for the vehicle require either a general operating permit or a parts certificate. If a new vehicle, such as a new Ford Fiesta, is presented to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, the Fiesta is accepted with the installed bearings and receives its own with these approval. The operating permit then applies to all Fiestas of this type.

Parts certificate, ABE etc.

Test report parts certificate individual acceptance tuning entry

The vehicle manufacturer supplies, among other things, the exact technical structure of the factory chassis bearings and its material composition, test documents, etc. via a parts report and assures that the installed components meet these specifications. If an accessory manufacturer then sells the sockets exactly as installed by the vehicle manufacturer from the factory, then no entry is necessary because no change was made due to the installation of the equivalent spare part. However, if PU bushings made of a different material, in a different shape or with a different installation position are installed, then either a corresponding Teilegutachten or an ABE must be available. Alternatively, the sockets must contain the information that they are not approved for use on public roads. Built-in PU bearings are tolerated by most inspectors (sometimes overlooked), but strictly speaking they are not permitted in our approval regulations without test documents.

only rarely are there documents on PU bushings

also applies to sets such as tie rods with uniball bearings, top mounts with uniball bearings, etc.

Dekra test center Tuev Kues main inspection 6

And should an accident occur and the opposing expert takes a close look at the vehicle, then the fact that the inspector for the HU uses the sockets "overlooked/waved through“ certainly has little. And it doesn't matter that PU bearings may have much "better" properties and may last longer. They simply change driving behavior (Yaw or roll movements are suppressed or reduced) and are different in structure, material, etc. than the chassis bearings from the factory. Due to the low cost of PU bushings (mostly between 20 & 80 €) the component test is usually not worthwhile for the manufacturer and therefore there are only rarely corresponding documents for the PU bushings.

The fact is:

  • PU bushings are not to be treated any differently than a Accessory chassis or a set of new ones alloy wheels. Without test documents, they are not intended for installation in vehicles that are used on public roads.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it.

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