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Flashes anyway: radar slides, anti radar sticker ineffective

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Anti radar sticker speed camera film for license plates Flashes anyway: radar film, anti radar sticker ineffective

You want to camouflage all this BEFORE you buy! Just now we have seen again on Facebook a video the so-called Anti Radar Sticker (License plate, speed camera protection, etc.) has touted. Denoted as Mosquito repellent for the license plate, Protection for frequent travelers or Black Magic The online shop that provided the video has advertised its special accessories and equipped it with keywords. But does that work at all and what is the legal situation? Let's get to the legal. Of course it is forbidden! According to § 22 paragraph 1 to 3 StVG, the license plate may not be changed, eliminated, heavily obscured or otherwise impaired in its recognizability. Partly draconian punishments can follow and sometimes the whole thing is even considered a criminal offense.

Tuning law Police STVZO Paragraph Flashes anyway: Radar slides, anti radar stickers ineffective

And if things go really bad for the driver and owner, you can even get out of prison for a year. And the thought that maybe someone unknown wanted to do you a favor on a dark night and put the foil on will hardly help. You are responsible for checking that the vehicle is roadworthy and admissible. Anyone who is caught with the foil on the license plate and claims not to have attached it must credibly prove not to be the culprit. Certainly almost an impossibility. Not to mention the fact that you are committing a classic forgery of documents. The license plate is a certificate.

And does it work anyway?

In addition, all the fun is not really worth it. The sometimes several 100 € expensive films almost always ensure that on radar photos the indicator appears as a white surface, but also the technology of the authorities has significantly upgraded. Although the film partially presented the police problems in the evaluation of the radar photos but thanks to significantly improved development methods (photogrammetric evaluation) the authority is able to make the outlines of the letters and numbers visible again. Thus, of course, the misdemeanor can be assigned to the holder and, moreover, the cost of the analysis effort is added. Honestly: Humanity flies to the moon but is unable to undo a slide on a picture? Who believes that ...

3D License Plate Experience Tuning 4 1 Flashes anyway: Radar slides, Anti Radar Sticker ineffective

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