Radar warning devices: fines and even imprisonment threaten!

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The speed trap Mercedes Benz Museum 1 Radar warning devices: fines and even imprisonment threaten!

radar Detectors The purpose of this is to warn drivers of speed cameras and thus prevent them from being driven because of increased speed is flashed. The devices are therefore banned in some EU countries. And this is also in Germany. But with some interesting ones Subitems. use such a device is one in this country misdemeanor and is punished with a fine. A device for detecting an official speed measurement system is prohibited in vehicles in Germany. Smartphone apps or navigation devices that pursue the same purpose are also prohibited. You can find out which fines are threatened in this context in Germany and abroad here.

Penalties when used in Germany

In Germany, a driver who uses a radar detector risks a fine of 75 € and 1 point in Flensburg's fitness to drive register. The police are also allowed to use the device secure and destroy. At least if it was found at a traffic stop. The seizure of smartphones or navigation devices, on the other hand, is difficult in this case, since the devices primarily serve other purposes and are not intended purely as radar detectors. Also, a so-called cannot easily be traffic alert like Ooono or saphe simply be withdrawn. It has to be proven that the device aktiv as a radar detector was used. If, on the other hand, only the warning of danger spots is active, confiscation can occur should not just be done like that. And has that Co-driver or one of the passengers uses the device, then, to our knowledge, even the radar warning function can be used. In addition, the specific setting of the traffic alarm can be set just can be analyzed via the smartphone, which of course does not have to be unlocked on request (Keyword Proportionality).

Saphe Drive Mini traffic alarm radar detector test report 3 radar warning devices: Fines and even imprisonment threaten!

info: We want here NONE animate to actively use a radar detector in road traffic, but at the same time we want to refer to the legal regulation in detail. We expressly guarantee the correctness of our statement CAN'T.

Radar detector in other EU countries

There are in Europe so far none uniform rules regarding the carrying of radar detectors. According to ADAC, the Conference of European Transport Ministers (CEMT) is trying to change this and has made a recommendation that bans these devices.

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