Red H mark - when and where can you get it?

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Red 07 number red H mark Red H mark When and where can you get it?

It's kind of crazy how many types of license plates there are in traffic. There is, for example E-mark, the green mark, the popular one short marks and License plates and Kurzzeitkennzeichen or even that Change indicator. And that too red license plates for car dealers is an often questioned term. But has you ever heard of the “red H license plate”? That is exactly what we want to deal with today. Owners of historic vehicles can simply register a car or apply for a coveted vintage license plate. Here comes the simple one H-plates and the red one 07 mark in question. Each variant has its advantages, which are subject to different requirements. You can read here which of the two is the best solution for you and how to apply for a classic car license plate. (There is a lot of information on the subject of H license plates in our special)

Which vehicles are registered as classic cars?

H license plate Oldtimer requirements Red H license plate When and where can you get it?

The vehicle must meet certain requirements in order to be called "Oldtimer" according to German regulations and to receive the corresponding license plate. The veteran must have been approved for the first time at least 30 years ago. The date of first registration is assumed. The vehicle must be in its original condition and it must serve as a technical vehicle for cultural heritage so that it receives a vintage license plate. Also a historical tuning is allowed on a classic car. Here, however, the requirements are very strict. Vintage car owners can, for example, also equip their vehicles with the above-mentioned seasonal license plate from March to October. The H season license plate is a combination of the advantages of seasonal and classic car license plates!

A classic car report is required

Appraisal report tuning oldtimer car appraisal 2 red H mark when and where can you get it?

In order to clarify whether the vehicle is suitable for the care of the cultural property at all, a Classic car report required by a recognized test center or an expert. DEKRA, TÜV, KÜS or GTÜ prepare such reports for you. As part of the report, the technician checks whether the car, motorcycle or other vehicle is largely in its original condition. If extensive conversions or expansions have been made or the vehicle has been given a different engine, it cannot be recognized as a classic car. If the condition is particularly poor, there is no green light either. PS: our contribution "The right license plate for historic motorcycles?“Informs about everything important about the H-license plate for bikes.

License plate number: H or 07?

The goal of many owners of historic vehicles is to get an H license plate or the red 07 license plate. The red 07 license plate is very popular because it can be used for several classic cars. However, it is harder to obtain than an H mark. The advantage of the two vintage license plates is the low annual vehicle tax of just EUR 46,02 for motorcycles and EUR 191,73 for other types of vehicle. Another plus of the classic car license plate is that it is allowed to drive into environmental zones in city centers - even without an environmental sticker.

The red 07 mark: the conditions and the application

red mark 07 classic car mark H mark red H mark When and where can you get it?

The red 07 label says in the legal text "red mark for recurring use“And it's very popular. The background here is that you can alternately attach this classic car license plate to any number of classic cars. The vehicle tax does not increase here. Further advantages of the red H mark are:

  • official approval and the valid ABE are not required
  • the HU is not mandatory
  • A classic car report is only required for the first assignment

However, the red H mark is associated with conditions and restrictions. The requirements are:

  • a suitable private parking space must be available
  • the license plate may not be used in everyday life
  • the license plate may only be used for "Events are used, which serve the presentation of classic cars and the maintenance of automotive cultural heritage"
  • Evidence of individual journeys is mandatory in many federal states
  • Return trips to an event are permitted. This also applies to trips to a workshop and for trial, transfer and test trips.

The authority checks the personal reliability of the holder concerned to obtain a red H mark. So you have to have a largely clean slate in the central traffic register and present a perfect police certificate of good conduct. You must provide credible evidence in writing that you have been carefully informed about all requirements and that you will comply with them.

Who is the red 07 mark for?

Oldtimer full report §23 stvzo lift e1593500356295 Red H mark When and where can you get it?

All motorized vehicles that are at least 30 years old and are in a true-to-original condition receive the license plate.

What does the red 07 license plate cost?

  • the police certificate: 13 euros
  • Tax for one or more motorcycles: 46 euros / year, otherwise 191 euros / year
  • Admission: 26 to 205 euros
  • Vehicle registration book: 10 to 15 euros
  • Oldtimer report (§23 StVZO, including main inspection): from 120 euros
  • some approval districts require regular road safety records

What do you need to issue the red 07 mark?

  • criminal record certificate
  • Proof of insurance for all vehicles
  • Oldtimer report according to §23 StVZO for each of the vehicles

The 07 approval for historical vehicles was introduced in Germany at the beginning of the 1990s and is very popular. However, the costs include, for example, an expert's classic car report. Many do not forget or know that. The 07 number is definitely an exceptional number plate that cannot be compared to the classic H number plate. Compared to the normal H mark, the 07 number shows up with red-colored embossing on a white background. As with the red license plate for car dealers, a logbook must also be kept here in accordance with the Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV) in § 17. The application for the historical, red-colored license plate is made at the local registration authority. PS: These optimizations can be carried out on the classic car without endangering the H license plate.

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