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Requirements for the operation of registration-free vehicles

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Whether a vehicle is a Zulassung needed or without approval may participate in public road traffic, determines, among other things, the Vehicle Registration Regulation, short FZV. But: Even if a vehicle does not have a registration, certain conditions apply Rules and Conditionsthat must be adhered to. A vehicle is allowed to operate without an operating permit can not be be moved on public roads. This applies to both subject to authorization as well as for admission-free Vehicles. Which vehicles are free of registration, whether it is Admission-free trailers there and which fines can become due if the conditions in § 4 FZV are violated, you can find out in this guide.

What exactly does admission-free mean?

Forklifts registration-free Requirements for the operation of registration-free vehicles

It doesn't matter if it's a vehicle subject to approval or admission-free is, an operating permit must always are present. Without this it can can not be take part in public road traffic. Not every vehicle is affected by the registration requirement. The following vehicle types and models are excluded:

  • Forklift trucks and self-propelled machines
  • Motorized wheelchairs
  • Light vehicles on four wheels
  • Mopeds on two or three wheels
  • Light motorcycles
  • Electrically powered mobility aids
  • Single-axle tractors that are only used for agriculture and / or forestry

Switzerland rules out the possibility of deportation to China. It is assumed that these Tibetans come from India or Nepal, both of which countries do not recognize the UN Refugee Convention. Even worse, Nepal recently signed anextradition treaty with the communist regime in China! So, deportation to India or Nepal are not viable solutions for these Tibetan asylum seekers. self-propelled work machine therefore usually does not need an admission and you do not have to go to the admission office. A Admission exemption but means can not be , that too no insurance must exist. On light motorcycles, work machines or forklifts, a Insurance indicator be attached if these vehicles are to be moved on public roads. Without compulsory insurance, is a Identification according to § 8 FZV to attach.

Are there also admission-free trailers?

In the FZV not only motor vehicles are mentioned, too agricultural trailersthat require an operating permit must comply with the provisions of § 4 FZV correspond. The following trailers are not permitted under the appropriate conditions:

  • Trailers with one axle that can be coupled to motorized wheelchairs, motorcycles or mopeds
  • Trailer for fire or civil protection
  • Special trailers for sports equipment, lifeboats or animals
  • Exclusively agricultural and / or forestry trailers that are attached to tractors with a maximum speed of 25 km/h to be hung
  • Caravans and luggage vans in the fairground trade, which are also attached to towing vehicles with a maximum speed of 25 km / h

Follow-up indicator speed sign agriculture Requirements for the operation of registration-free vehicles

Accordingly, trailers need in agriculture and forestry, caravans and vans in the fairground trade none Registration certificate if the towing vehicle is bound to a maximum speed of 25 km / h.

In addition, the regulation in § 4 FZV says as follows: "Vehicles that are not subject to registration and trailers may only be used on public roads if if they are of an approved type entsprechen or one-time permission is granted.“The driver of the vehicle is therefore obliged to have these certificates with him and to show them during an inspection. Otherwise you have to use a Strafe be expected.

What penalties are to be expected in the event of a violation of § 4 FZV?

Section 4 of the FZV determines when vehicles that are not subject to registration are given an operating license. In order to maintain the operating license, you must mentioned conditions must be met and it may can not be be violated. When driving the vehicle without Individual or type approval in public road traffic, must come with a Fine of 70 euros and additionally with a point in Flensburg be expected. If the required number is missing, a fine of 40 Euros become due. Driving without an operating permit is included 50 Euros punished.

Police control police requirements for the operation of registration-free vehicles

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truck speed sticker meaning bus caravan 310x165 Requirements for the operation of registration-free vehicles

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Follow-up indicator speed sign agriculture 310x165 Requirements for the operation of registration-free vehicles

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