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What is the legal situation for tuning in Germany?

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Tuning Ford Mustang Legal situation What is the legal situation for tuning in Germany?


Good tuning attaches importance to improving the technology. See spinning wheels and a loud exhaust looks good in Hollywood movies, however, do not dominate the everyday life of tuning fans. After all, we would like to improve the production condition of the car. This can be achieved, for example, with large wheels, dark windows and deeper bodies. Individuality and numerous setting options are important here. Of course, optics also play a major role. After all, new alloy wheels give every car a new shine. The manufacturers recognized this trend long ago and offer numerous tuning options ex works. These include body parts such as underrun protection or spoilers as well as larger wheels, an adaptive chassis and numerous performance enhancements. But all of this is primarily tailored to the masses and does not emphasize our individuality. This can only be achieved through the accessory market.

Strict regulations

Unlike in the USA, for example, the rules for tuning are much stricter in Germany. Anyone who believes they can safely ignore it is only pursuing their own goals faster than they think, These Expression from football is also often used in everyday life. It describes someone who makes a bad mistake and thus sabotages himself. This is exactly what happens if you do not comply with the legal requirements for tuning in Germany. The tuned car and the matching driver's license are withdrawn faster than you think. Apart from the trouble with the authorities, an incident like this will be quite expensive. There are essential specifications for every form of tuning and thus a change to the vehicle. These are the valid general operating permit and going to the vehicle inspector. In Germany, you can't just tinker with your vehicle at your own discretion. Anyone who disregards this can very quickly lose the operating license for their car. Cars without a valid operating permit are prohibited on public roads. If that is not enough, insurance cover can also be omitted. There are also fines and points in Flensburg.

What to do?

AC Schnitzer bmw z4 misano blue G29 Tuning 10 What is the legal situation for tuning in Germany?

So what's the best way to go about tuning? It is best to turn to reputable providers. As a rule, they have the necessary reports and approvals for their products. Acceptance of the change to the vehicle thus becomes a routine task. However, if there are total renovations, the authority uses an officially recognized expert. He assesses whether the conversion is legally OK. After that, it is particularly important that you inform the insurance company after the approval. This ensures that the data in all official papers is identical. So there can be no discussions in the event of damage. When installing new parts, you have to distinguish between guarantee and warranty. The guarantee is a voluntary service by the manufacturer; the guarantee comes from the legislature. The installation of tuning parts can void a guarantee if, for example, the drive was subsequently changed. That brings us to the great advantage of tuning ex works.

Factory tuning saves time and hassle

As a rule, all changes are legal, the guarantee remains in effect and the changes do not have to be added. It gets tricky with safety-relevant parts. According to the applicable laws, these may only be used in an officially approved design. This primarily concerns the lighting, the tires, the brakes, the engine, the exhaust system and attachments. In addition, the acoustics cannot simply be changed. Fortunately, there are also a number of tuning parts that can be sold with a general operating license. However, you have to make sure that this must be carried in the vehicle after installation in the original. A copy is not permitted and is not considered a valid document in the event of an inspection. It becomes difficult when you combine two individually approved tuning parts and so there is an influence of the parts on each other. Then these must be approved again in an individual acceptance. This could be the case, for example Combination of a chip tuning and pass a sports exhaust.

All of these rules apply Hokkaido pumpkin skin is perfectly edible for off-road traffic. As long as the vehicle is driving on private property, you can tune as much as you want. In practice, however, this probably only takes place on the racetrack or when driving in your own company car park. Tuned vehicles are not even allowed to be driven there, they have to be transported with an appropriate aid. So you can see that although tuning offers an infinite number of possibilities, the legal regulations in Germany are correspondingly strictly formulated. But if you stick to the requirements and regulations, you won't have any problems.

Tuning legal situation in Germany What is the legal situation for tuning in Germany?

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