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Looking for new rims for the vehicle? That is allowed!

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Looking for new rims for the vehicle? That is allowed!

As for the wheels, and especially the rims, many believe that greater always with Together is to be equated. After all, most cars have it as standard relatively small tires and Rims. At least if there are not necessarily various top models like one Audi RS6, BMW M5 or large SUVs. The Bread-and-Butter Cars some are still ex works in 2021 not once on alloy wheels. This can be observed primarily with cheaper models, where savings are made at every point. Then are only Steel rims and hubcaps hip, trendy, popular. The appearance of a vehicle can be achieved through the assembly new rims be greatly upgraded. Most manufacturers offer many options for this ex works greater and optical accordingly more appealing are. However, the offers even more choice Accessories trade.

Choice of rims & providers is endless

Looking for new rims for the vehicle? That is allowed!

The accessories come in a wide variety of sizes and almost all imaginable designs, colors and materials for rims. No matter if from Aluminium, Carbon, Magnesium or refined Steel. And no matter whether polished, chrome or with Two-tone paint, On Paradise for people with gasoline in their blood! However, of course, the legality get noticed. Because not all rims may actually to be assembled. While that at obvious Wheels like any Self-made rounds from Acrylic or epoxy resin Still evident, there are plenty of other rims that one could use not looks at her illegal are. Hence explain to you now tuning blogWhat allowed is and what for Problems with the TÜV could worry.

there is almost nothing left in the new vehicle registration document

What the optics are concerned, they are Tastes different. However, there are in addition to that general requirements or limitations regarding the size that is legally required the vorgeschrieb are. However it is not always clear or more precisely easy to find outwhat actually allowed is. Even a closer look at the Vehicle papers provides not essential for complete clarity. It was different with the older ones Vehicle registration documents from: Here were mostly all wheel sizes listed, that could be assembled.

Looking for new rims for the vehicle? That is allowed!

In the usual today Registration certificate Part 1 is usually only a rim dimension noted, which in most cases is the Minimum width acts. However, that means notthat only a single size may be installed. It is therefore mandatory that all wheel sizes, the factory were approved in the so-called Certificate of Conformity (COC), of the Certificate of Conformity, are noted.

Looking for new rims for the vehicle? That is allowed!

It has been for vehicle manufacturers since 2005 mandatory, that certificate in addition to the car to deliver. This document not only lists technical data, but also Features inklusive of all sizesthat are for the wheels and tires ex works allowed are. Because of this, it is best that you check for an eventual police check the COC in the form of a Copy always have it with you in case you have installed bikes that are not entered in the vehicle registration document.

What if there is no COC?

Looking for new rims for the vehicle? That is allowed!

If the Certificate of Conformity not there is more or you can use them, for example, when buying a used car have not received, that's just once no problem. You can contact the manufacturer request a copybut in most cases not exactly cheap is. A Alternatives ask for this Online databases The automaker shows the permitted rim sizes for the corresponding models are noted. As a rule, the Retailers a data sheet print out for you.

Furthermore, it is also possible to contact the testing organizations such as TÜV and DEKRA to inquire whether this corresponds to the releases of the certificate of conformity access and you thus the permitted sizes tell can. Also on the websites of various Manufacturers from Tubes and wheels There are sometimes configurators that you can use to determine the permitted sizes for certain models can find out. In most cases, it is sufficient to enter the Model, for example by entering the Type code number from the vehicle registration document. However, you have to be careful here: The Availability of a wheel for your vehicle not automaticallythat it is actually legal to do so obstruct.

What about wheels that have not been approved by the vehicle manufacturer?

Now it's getting interesting! When you've found a rim that you really like, but its dimensions not ex works from manufacturer open was, that is in principle no Problem. If the wheel has a General operating permit (ABE) that the assembly of the rim on your vehicle allowed, the installation is possible without any problems.

In this case, however, it is enormous wichtigthat you have the appropriate ABE continuous carry along, to the conformity occupy to be able to. Also note that the ABE may contain various pads or Notes can be noted regarding the installation - in this case you have to have the installation carried out by an expert (e.g. at TÜV) check to let. This is also the case if none ABEbut just one Teilegutachten is present.

Looking for new rims for the vehicle? That is allowed!

Watch out for combinations of accessory components!

Also the assembly of wheels without parts certificate is possibly is also possible, which is a relatively complex test in the form of a so-called individual acceptance pulls with it. If the inspector can confirm the safety requirements of the wheels, the assembly is legal. How expensive such a thing individual acceptance depends on how much time it takes. Therefore, the recommendation is to register in the Ahead about the legality and any that may arise fees to inform.

more information on the topic: HERE

It should also always be ensured that the documents supplied with the new rims are always on a standard vehicle relate. But it's about one Lowering installed and should also be a sentence Spacers be there, then is a so-called mutual influence in combinations of changes given. In this case the documents are lump sum nothing more valid and it has to be individual acceptance and Examination of the components are made to to excludethat this is not affect each other negatively.

Looking for new rims for the vehicle? That is allowed!

Of course that had not been the case. has a lot of other articles on the subject of auto & tuning in stock. Do you want to see them all? Just click HERE and look around. But also planned changes in the law, violations in road traffic, current regulations in the field of STVO or on the subject inspection we would like to inform you regularly. Everything you can find in the category "Test sites, laws, offenses, information". Following an excerpt of the last information:

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Looking for new rims for the vehicle? That is allowed!

Corona and car! This applies in the extended and tightened lockdown!

Looking for new rims for the vehicle? That is allowed!

Motorcyclists: These important changes will apply from 2021!

Looking for new rims for the vehicle? That is allowed!

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  1. It is interesting that since 2005 it has been mandatory for vehicle manufacturers to deliver the certificate in addition to the car. I'm a big fan of aluminum rims. At the moment I'm still looking for a suitable specialist dealer with a diverse range, because after a few years I want to put new rims on my car again.

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