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Query the score in Flensburg easily and mobile!

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Up until now, drivers could only check their score in Flensburg with a special reader or on a computer. Thanks to a simplified information procedure, this is now also very easy via Smartphone possible. Everyone knows the point system in Flensburg. However, it is not very popular. In the fitness to drive register of the Federal Motor Transport Authority, traffic sins are recorded on the basis of points.

Fine and driving ban

In the event of a serious traffic violation in the form of driving too fast, this is registered there. For example, if you are driving too fast at more than 21 km / h, the familiar announces itself Point in Flensburg at. From 4 points one threatens paid admonition, from 6 points there is one warning. With 8 points the driver's license becomes withdrawn. Using a digitized process, you can now use your smartphone free the current score can be queried.

Driving without a driver's license Penalties Police 2 Check your score in Flensburg easily and mobile!

Easy access thanks to digitization

To make a register query, however, is a NFC-enabled mobile phone required. The abbreviation NFC stands for Near Field Communication, which translated means short-range communication. This technique enables one Data transmission over centimeters, so over short distances. Certain cell phones, such as the Apple SE from 2016, do not yet have this function, the Samsung Galaxy can only start with it S5 series. You also need one new identity card with activated online ID function. Alternatively, the Online query via PC using a card reader possible. It reads the data from the identity card and transmits it securely to the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg.

Kraftfahrt Bundesamt Online Register Information Query the point balance in Flensburg easily and mobile!

Last year around 15% of the over 500.000 users made this use. Once all the necessary installations have been made, the online application can begin. IPhone users should definitely note that the function "Private surfing" is deactivated. Because in order to carry out the query successfully, the storage of personal data must be approved. This includes name, place of birth, date of birth and current residence.

Determine the current score in 5 steps

  1. Call the Homepage of the online register information on.
  2. Have your ID card read out by the ID card app.
  3. If the authentication was successful, confirm with "continue".
  4. Check all data for correctness.
  5. You can now select the information you require from the register of fitness to drive. This will be issued to you as a PDF document.

Thanks to advanced technologies, the Federal Motor Transport Authority promises a further expansion of the digitized function.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it.

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