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What is actually special about the seasonal license plate?

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H season license plate oldtimer tuning What is special about the season license plate?

There are car owners who only want to move their vehicle when the weather is good. This is often the case with motorcycles and Mobile homes, but more and more cars are only used in good weather in the summer months. For example, when there are tuned cars that you simply don't want to drive in winter, or that are simply and simply themselves no longer suitable for it, Also Oldtimer can be such a reason. There are many reasons! The so-called Seasonal license plates. Because that saves money. Because if you have a vehicle for several months, i.e. usually in winter (but also vice versa |only in winter), not used at all, saves money by registering for the season. Because, insurance and taxes will only calculated proportionally. If the vehicle is "deregistered" for seasonal reasons, there are no costs. Applying for such a seasonal license plate is usually not particularly difficult. The valid one is enough identity card, Vehicle registration or registration document as well as an electronic one Confirmation of insurance and that still valid general inspection of the vehicle.

Season license plate, what is it?

A seasonal license plate is valid for one defined period in the year. The advantage of having to cannot be applied for anew every year. A season can be chosen between a minimum of two months and a maximum of eleven Months. However, this period can also be adjusted or changed more precisely later. In this case, a change of registration is required and a new set of signs with the correct indication of the approved months is required.

seasonal license plate short-term license plate What is special about the seasonal license plate?

Fine for rule violation with seasonal license plate

Will the vehicle cannot used because the season license plate has expired, this must be on a private parking space be turned off. It is forbidden to leave the vehicle in the idle period of the seasonal license plate park at the roadside. If that happens, at least fall 40 euros fine at. If you are caught driving during the rest period, you will at least fall 50 euros fine at. In addition, in this case there is a violation of the compulsory insurance law in road traffic, which is a Criminal offense is.

Police control police What is actually special about the seasonal license plate?

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