Info: Only use seasonal license plates in the permitted period!

Seasonal license plates

The option a Seasonal license plates to use, which has been around since 1997. Especially if you do not want to drive the vehicle all year round, it is worth considering the option of the seasonal license plate. As a result, various fees can be avoided (reduced) and the tedious arrival and departure is also eliminated Log out out. You can choose the period of use for your vehicle yourself. The period of use always relates to a full month, which is shown with the numbers of the relevant months on the license plate. The digits 3 to 9 would then mean that the license plate from 01.03. until 30.09. of the year in question is valid. Outside of this period of time, the motor vehicle may not be on the road, since the seasonal license plate is then invalid.

Advantages of the seasonal license plate:

  1. Registration and deregistration are not required
  2. No road tax for the months of non-use
  3. Insurance costs only within the period of use
  4. Minimum period of two months

What is the difference between a seasonal license plate and a variable license plate?

Exchange license plate motorcycle car advantages

A Change indicator is used for two different motor vehicles, which can then be used alternately throughout the year, but not at the same time. The seasonal license plate may only be used for a specified vehicle and for a specified period of time. who driving outside of the period risks high penalties! Therefore, pay close attention to the period of the season license plate and only drive your vehicle within the valid months. If you drive a motor vehicle with an expired seasonal license plate on the road, you are violating the Compulsory Insurance Act. Incidentally, trips to the transfer or to the workshop are not considered exceptions. For this reason, you must park your vehicle in at least one private parking space outside of the validity period. Better in a garage or carport. Otherwise there are two types of penalties with fines:

  1. Vehicle was put into operation outside the registration period - €50.
  2. Vehicle was parked on a public road outside the registration period - €40.

Towing costs must also be covered as you are prohibited from further use. In addition, you will be awarded up to 3 points for both offenses in Flensburg. And using the car with an expired seasonal license plate leads to even higher costs and penalties in the event of an accident. This is because in the event of accidental damage, the person with the expired seasonal license plate is ALWAYS liable, no matter who is at fault. The vehicle is usually insured anyway, but since a crime has been committed, the insurance company does not have to pay for the damage incurred and you are liable with your private assets for personal injury and property damage. This also applies if you are not responsible for the damage, because the person with the invalid seasonal license plate is liable.

pay attention to the choice of parking space

Tuning car parking garage custom car parking lot E1647504549545

Therefore, the choice of parking space should also be a safe place outside of public areas, such as public parking lots or streets. A private property where you can park your vehicle for the desired period is best here. If you decide to rent an external pitch, you should go through the contract conditions. Because there is the possibility that the parking lot is only approved for registered vehicles. This excludes a vehicle with an expired season license plate.

Incidentally, the no-claims class of the insurance does not improve with a seasonal license plate with a validity of less than six months. However, if the period of use of the seasonal license plate is more than six months, the remaining months of the year are also included and you can benefit from an improvement in the no-claims class, provided you do not have an accident. Therefore, an extension of the seasonal license plate to six months can be financially worthwhile, for example if you wanted to set the period to 5 months anyway.

At the end...

  • A seasonal license plate offers numerous advantages. at non-compliance with the season license plate information However, there are unpleasant consequences such as three points in Flensburg and various fines up to driving bans. In the event of an accident, the consequences are even more serious, because you are liable for the damage caused under all circumstances. Another hurdle can be parking a vehicle with an expired seasonal license plate. Therefore, you should take care of a suitable and permissible parking space early enough.

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