Is a self-made performance exhaust system legal?

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315 PS Toyota GR Yaris with Akrapovic sports exhaust 2 Is a self-made performance exhaust system legal?

A sonorous exhaust sound - who doesn't love that? Are you looking for an exhaust system for your car but you don't know what type of exhaust you need? A good system costs several thousand euros and even just replacing the rear silencer often results in a four-digit amount! So you might think about keeping the original exhaust but still getting a better sound. And that is quite feasible. Almost every car workshop should be able to modify a standard exhaust system. In this regard, the workshop makes appropriate suggestions on how best to proceed in order to achieve the desired goal. And in some cases it is even possible to retrofit a flap exhaust to adjust the background noise.

Conversion to a louder exhaust!

Why trade in your original exhaust for an expensive accessory system when you can get the same or even better sound result with the original? This is how many companies advertise. But that can be a big problem! Because the promises are - at least in this country - absolutely useless if the vehicle is to continue to participate in road traffic. Because the manipulation - the conversion - of an original exhaust system in order to increase the volume is simple and moving not allowed.

How does the conversion of the OEM system work?

The original ESD chamber is usually opened at the original welding point - on the top of the exhaust system - completely emptied and then the whole thing is re-insulated, refilled and, of course, expertly welded again. In this way, it is even possible to create an individual background noise according to customer requirements:

  • subtly louder
  • powerful sound
  • borderline loud

Depending on which type of conversion you choose, the sound and volume of the exhaust system change. Even a slight increase in performance can be achieved after the conversion. Some tags have a gentler sound than others, so it is important to previously to think about what kind of exhaust you want.

Do-it-yourself exhaust open welding empty space e1638520324771 Is a do-it-yourself performance exhaust system legal?

However, you always have to consider that such a converted original exhaust is available no TUEVthat makes legal use possible. It does not matter whether an additional control via flaps via radio remote control is optionally included. Then the exhaust becomes quieter, but it still remains illegal. And that also applies to Sports exhaust systems. If you have installed a system that is supplied with test documents, then it is only legal if no changes were made on it. In other words, if you clear the silencer from the sports exhaust, then it is illegal. In summary, a few more information about modifying the exhaust:

  • The tailpipe, etc. is always drilled illegal
  • is the modification of individual components inadmissible
  • an illegal exhaust leads to Loss the vehicle registration
  • Tampering with permissible components and self-made spare parts are according to the StVZO not permitted
  • Remove the catalytic converter / replace it with a dummy illegal

Table of fines for exhaust tuning

Features Fines (€)Points
Annoying others through unnecessary noise and exhaust emissions80 Euros
No ABE or type approval10 Euros
Tailpipe protrudes laterally / to the rear over the edge of the vehicle20 Euros
Driving without an operating license50 Euros
Exceeding the dimensions60 Euros1
Driving without a catalytic converterFines (€)

Chevrolet Corvette C8 Lingenfelter Extreme S exhaust Corsa Performance 8 Is a self-made performance exhaust system legal?

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