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Anyone who wants to sell their car or at least have its value determined will ask themselves when Accident vehicles is spoken. After all, this is not always so obvious - primarily not when no external defects are recognizable. In fact, the question of when a car is considered an accident vehicle is not always easy to answer. Then, when damage has occurred, is a car no longer accident-free. But that means notthat it is also automatically an accident car. Whether an accident car or not ultimately depends on the extent of the damage. damages in the amount of up to € 200 are considered minor damage and therefore strictly speaking not an accident. If such a car is to be sold again, the damage must be not be declared as an accident. Corresponding damage should always be considered regardless of this Insurance and possibly also that Lessor be reported.

How to sell an accident car?

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The greater the damage the harder it is usually also to sell the vehicle. After all, the sales value decreases the greater the damage. If you are lucky, however, you will also find a buyer for badly damaged vehicles and avoid being scrapped. If there is damage in the course of an accident, which consequently amounts to more than 200 €, the seller Committedto specify this. Otherwise he makes himself punishable!

How significantly does the value of an accident car decrease?

An accident always brings one automatically Depreciation of the vehicle with you. Who has an accident at a resale concealed, is liable to prosecution for fraud, if only because it can be assumed that the sales price has not been adjusted. Even if the vehicle has been prepared and repaired in such a way that the damage is no longer recognizable, it is no longer worth as much as a comparable vehicle that is/was accident-free. Anyone who builds an accident usually gets it an appraisal from his insurance company, informing him of the reduction in the value of the vehicle. This appraisal set a link from your homepage to always be presented in the event of a sale.

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Case for the junkyard – or not?

Normally, a vehicle with a total loss is a case for the junkyard. After all, the resale value is usually so low that it is not worth selling. Nevertheless, there are buyers who are looking for exactly these types of vehicles in order to get them for little money to prepare, as Spare parts warehouse to use or ins Foreign countries export. As a scrapping usually is not in vain, it is worth thinking about selling – even if a car has been totaled after an accident. It makes sense to park the car beforehand deregister and a Expert opinion request about the depreciation. If you are unsuccessful in getting rid of the vehicle privately, you can contact a specialist dealer.

Repair increases the chances of resale

A repaired accident car can usually be sold much more easily than a car that first has to be prepared. After all, this not only saves the buyer money, but also a lot of time and effort. Many buyers are not averse to accident vehicles that have just been repaired. After all, these are often technically and visually flawless, but a lot cheaper than comparable accident-free vehicles. Sellers, on the other hand, only have to reckon with comparatively small losses.

Anyone who has caused an accident and then has the vehicle repaired must, in the event of resale, be able to all required documents to submit. These include a Expert opinion, Invoices about the repair and supporting documents the workshop where the vehicle was repaired. If a purchase is made, it makes sense to draw up a purchase contract in which the new buyer agrees about the condition of the vehicle to know exactly.

When is it worth repairing an accident car?

Whether a repair is worthwhile or not must always be considered individually and depends on the current value of the vehicle, but also on the cost of the repair. The older a vehicle is and the more complex and expensive the repair, the less it is usually worthwhile. On the other hand, this investment is worthwhile for new and very popular vehicles with an already high resale value and small repair work in most cases. A offers help with the decision Insurance appraisal, which provides information about the amount of the damage and the depreciation. Anyone who decides against a repair and wants to sell the vehicle will not be able to avoid mentioning the damage in the advertisement and also taking photos of it. This allows buyers to see what they are dealing with at first glance.

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How to sell an accident vehicle

during damage under 200 € may be concealed, this does not apply to higher damages. Here is the seller Committedto inform the buyer about it. The mention and exact description of the damage as well as pictures in the advertisement, but also the corresponding expert opinion should not be missing. By the way, if you want to sell a car privately, you have to tell the buyer not necessarily grant a test drive. However, this significantly increases the chance of a sale. After all, almost nobody wants to buy the proverbial pig in a poke.

If there is no success in a private sale, we will help specialized dealersto sell the wrecked car. Often there is not only more money, but also a professional report. As with almost everything else in life, first impressions are often decisive when it comes to buying or selling a car. If you want to sell an accident car, you should clean it both inside and outside and possibly also polish the paint (if possible and if it makes sense). An all-round shiny car usually sells much better than a battered car that urgently needs a trip through the car wash.

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