Sell ​​the vehicle with license plate? That's how it's done!

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Would you like to sell your used car? If you're selling the car privately, that's understandable. After all, you don't have to give up a profit margin to a middleman. But what about yours license plate? Can the number plate remain or do I have to deregister the vehicle before selling it privately? Here's everything you need to know about this topic. Whether you sell the car privately or through a dealer, the car usually has to be cleaned before it can be sold not logged off and the license plate can remain on the vehicle. However, if you want to sell a vehicle with license plates, there are a few things to consider.

What do I have to consider when selling privately?

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Make sure you have a good sales ad and attractive photos to attract potential customers to you. Many find selling registered cars a more convenient solution. After all, you save yourself going to the admissions office and also the cost of deregistration. However, the sale of the car will not go entirely smoothly, as there are a few things to consider. Especially if you want to sell a financed car. In any case, the buyer should ensure that the newly acquired vehicle is registered with the relevant authorities re-registered becomes. Because as long as the car is registered in your name, you have to pay the costs for any traffic tickets or vehicle tax. It's easy to forget that, especially if you want to sell the car quickly.

If you have no interest in paying for the new vehicle owner's negligence, we recommend a additional clause to include in the contract of sale, which obliges the buyer to return the vehicle within a certain period of time um- or where appropriate deregister. The choice of the deadline that you set is of course up to you. However, we recommend setting a maximum of 7 days. This is sufficient time for serious buyers to make the changeover. At the same time, it is not too much, so you don't have to worry much as a seller.

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A crucial one Advantage from the vehicle that is still registered for the buyer is the opportunity to test drive the car (ideally with a test drive contract) and convince yourself of the quality. Speaking of the test drive: car insurance can contact you if the buyer has an accident after the purchase. Therefore, after you have sold your vehicle, you should inform your insurance company immediately and send them the bill of sale so that you do not have to pay for damages. At best, you should also make a note of this in the purchase contract the exact time the vehicle handover. your car insurance expires by the way, as soon as the insurance company registers the sale of the car. Below you can see what needs to be considered if you want to register your car and sell it privately:

  1. Interested parties can take a test drive.
  2. Set the registration deadline in the purchase contract.
  3. Prepare all documents required for sale.
  4. Report the sale to the insurance company.

What do I have to consider when selling to a dealer?

Apart from assessing whether the car dealership/dealership is reputable, there is not much to consider. If you trade in the car to the dealer, you are taking the path of least effort. Most have access to one Online opt-out service and register the car free of charge. So if you sell your vehicle, ask the dealer if he can deregister it. But: Of course, dealers want to make a profit, so you usually get significantly less than with private sales. If the risk of selling a car privately is too high for you, that's understandable. However, if you are also reluctant to sell to a dealer because you don't want to give up the extra money, then you can simply sell the car vunsubscribe beforehand. This brings the various “problems” to the topic Changes made by the buyer ruled out, but test drives are also made more difficult.

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info: If the car is deregistered, then you can no longer in public places park. Deregistered vehicles without license plates at the side of the road are quickly discovered by the authorities. Then become part high fines imposed. In this case, you will have to park the immobilized vehicle on private property, rent a garage or find a backyard. Alternatively, you can also enter after logging out Kurzzeitkennzeichen apply for sale that 5 days from date of issue is valid. The vehicle can then be transferred to the new owner and registered until the license plate expires. If the 5 days from sale to new registration are not enough, one is Renewal of the temporary license plate is also possible.

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