When is sleeping in the car allowed and when are there penalties?

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A long day, got up early, many impressions, long drive and only late in the evening we go home. If you then add monotonous driving on the Autobahn, it can quickly become a strong one fatigue set to. The dangerous one Microsleep threatens, since the assistance systems that remind you to take a break, only help to a limited extent. This situation is certainly familiar to many motorists. Therefore, everyone must be themselves at this point independently act and take a break. The fact is that in the event of an accident, can be prosecuted for negligence. The question now is, however, whether one can be used everywhere (Parking lot, roadside) may or may not stand to sleep.

Sleeping in the car: then it's allowed - and when there are penalties!

Basically, sleeping in the car, unless it is expressly forbidden by a sign, allowed. This means that every parking space that is designated as such may be used for overnight stays, i.e. for "Establishment of fitness to drive", be used. Normally one can assume a permitted period of 10 hours. There are none clearly defined limit. But this only applies to Germany. Other countries may have completely different rules. So you should inquire beforehand. If however illegal parked or other road users are impeded or even endangered, then a check can (fine) penalty be imposed. In principle, this also applies to exceeding the 10 hours (if it were timed).

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Sleeping in the car: also drunk?

First of all, the answer is "Ja“. Sleeping off your intoxication in the car is allowed, as long as no intention to drive with a blood alcohol level can be determined, i.e. the key is in the ignition lock or the ignition is activated via the start button. During a police check, the statement that you only want to leave the heating on before you go to sleep or turn on the radio or cell phone is a really bad excuse. It gives the impression that you want to start driving right away. In that situation, the whole thing takes its course... Breathalyzer, guard, blood draw … from a blood alcohol level of 0,5 is one thing misdemeanor, from 1,1 per thousand one criminal offense. In most cases, the consequences would be that the driver's license is lost, a fine of up to €1.500 and at least two points in Flensburg.

And then there's the point that "wild camping", i.e. the "special use subject to approval". This means that anyone who is seen sleeping in the car for several nights, especially as a motorhome driver who has been standing on public property for a long time, must expect a high fine. The amount differs from state to state, but €100 is not uncommon.

Sleeping in the car: If you live properly, you are liable to prosecution!

Further accusations, such as violating the Registration Act, threaten if you permanent parked in a public parking lot. The penalties can then be significantly higher, especially if you throw your rubbish carelessly and recklessly into nature. You can quickly get up to €100.000.

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