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exception permit Fees Costs Special permit 2 Back on the road with a special permit!

For example, if you want to drive a US vehicle in German road traffic, you need a special permit. Because with US vehicles it is not always possible to convert the vehicle so that it EC guidelines, ECE guidelines sowie den StVZO- Approval requirements. Furthermore, the financial outlay for the corresponding conversion is not always justified. Approval authorities can, under certain conditions and according to defined regulations, issue a so-called exception permit for an import vehicle.

Exemption for admission

Restomod 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle with LS3 V8 4 1 Back on the road with a special permit!

US vehicles are not intended for the European market and an enormous amount of technical and financial effort is often required to convert the vehicle according to EC and ECE guidelines. But the vehicle cannot always be modified in such a way that it complies with the approval regulations of the StVZO. In some cases it is simply not possible to upgrade. This is the case, for example, if an indicator lens from an older classic is not available in orange.

Then, for example, a special permit is issued in order to be able to use the American type indicators, which were often red at the time. Whether and to what extent the entry is made also depends on the vehicle. There is also the possibility that the entry is only made if the vehicle has a H approval owns. Here you should definitely find out in advance. In principle, however, extensive exemptions can sometimes be granted for imported vehicles in order to obtain approval in this country. Only a general statement is difficult!

Example: the immobilizer

Alarm system immobilizer anti-theft tuning 3 e1570532215866 Back on the road with a special permit!

An immobilizer is compulsory for vehicles that were first registered from October 01.10.1998st, XNUMX (date of first registration). US vehicles have an immobilizer which, however, only has properties similar to those of the immobilizer for the European market. The transmit frequencies of the remote controls are different and a conversion is usually not feasible. A special permit is therefore required for the immobilizer of the imported vehicle. Who grants the exemption or for which exceptions an application is necessary may depend on the respective federal state.

Example Baden-Württemberg: The regional council is the competent authority, which in turn has delegated the granting of exemptions. The local registration offices and road traffic authorities can Grant exemptions. The exemptions can are only issued by road traffic authorities and registration authorities for recurring events that require an exception. If an exception is not common, the exception must be requested from the vehicle owner at the regional council. The administrative process required for exemptions costs fees.

observe the schedule of fees

exception permit Fees Cost Special permit With an exceptional permit back on the road!

Exceptions are subject to a separate fee schedule. The fee schedule gives the authorities a certain amount of leeway, for example between 10 and 500 euros, depending on the facts and the imported vehicle model. In practice, however, the asking prices are often moderate. For example, only a fee of 50 euros is usually billed for each exception. For 3 exceptions, an amount of 100 euros is often required and for more than 3 exceptions, 150 euros are charged.

However, the specified fees may vary and do not claim to be correct or complete. It is essential to ask the responsible registration office in advance about the fees and the exact calculation of the fees. Furthermore, it should be found out which exemptions the local licensing office can actually carry out and for which exemptions an application must be made to the regional council.

advice is necessary

TÜV DEKRA KÜS GTÜ test center Back on the road with a special permit!

TÜV and local registration offices can provide information on the necessary exemptions for import vehicles. Before buying and importing a vehicle, it is advisable to ask about necessary conversion measures and exemptions if the vehicle is to be driven on European and German roads.

Everything you need to know about a special permit:

  • the exemption generally relates to imported vehicles but also to modifications and changes to European vehicles
  • Fee schedule tends to be between € 10 and € 500
  • Section 71 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) states that when exemptions are granted, the possibly listed requirements must always be observed
  • Special approval relates to the provisions of the StVZO
  • If there is no special permit and the vehicle is nevertheless moved on the road, fines and points may apply and the operating license may also lapse
  • It is only issued by a state-recognized test organization

Another example: Quad / ATV & Co.

For example, an exemption can also be granted for a Quad / ATV be granted. For example, if the vehicle is insufficient or none at all wheel cover owns. Such a wheel cover is actually mandatory in Germany. Under certain circumstances, however, this can be waived with an exemption. The justification lies, for example, in the fact that such a vehicle mainly outside of public roads in hard terrain is used and due to which the wheel cover on the one hand would be useless and on the other hand would be quickly damaged. In such a case, too, the examiner can issue the exemption.

recovery boards Traction mats Starting aids Tuning ATV Quad Back on the road with a special permit!

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