ISA: the new speed brake can be tricked!

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What is actually the so-called Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance (German: "Intelligent Tempo Assistant")? the ISA is an intelligent monitoring system that will soon be installed in every new vehicle and the prescribed speed controlled. If you own a high-quality vehicle, then you are already familiar with the common assistance systems, such as: the recognition of traffic signs, of people at the roadside or the vehicle has a cruise control with ACC function. Luxury that is becoming more and more popular. If you want to drive properly and don't want to take any risks, you can use the automatic speed limiter. This intelligent function of the cruise control enables the speed of the vehicle to be adjusted to the prescribed speed.

How the speed brake works

Speed ​​assistant ISA Intelligent Speed ​​Adaption ISA: the new speed brake can be tricked!

The function of the cruise control with speed limiter is certainly an advantage in order to avoid accidents or administrative offenses. But let's be honest, we want to determine how our vehicle drives. Now is the time to be strong, because from July 06th, 2022 have all newly developed motor vehicles (also vans, trucks, buses) on the Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance have at the factory. It follows that two years later (2024) all new cars must have the system on board. The EU Commission provides for this regulation. This and other mandatory safety systems on board new vehicles are intended to reduce the number of accident victims.

Intervention in the engine control

Theft protection Dodge Hellcat software ISA: the new speed brake can be tricked!

The system for automatic speed detection recognizes the valid speed limit using digital road maps, traffic signs or GPS positioning. If the driver continues to drive faster than permitted, he will receive acoustic and visual warning signals that make him aware that he is driving at his speed has to adapt. The system will only throttle the speed very gently, for example by reducing the throttle response. The same applies to electric vehicles, where electricity is reduced. However, if the driver wants to drive without an ISA, this is also possible, because by pressing the accelerator pedal vigorously - for example when overtaking - ISA "overruled". And the speed brake should also be able to be switched off completely, but only until the car is restarted. It is very likely that the chip tuner software industry will soon become diverse "other solutions " . imagine

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