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Points, fines, driving ban: the speed limit!

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Many people are not aware that multiple fines not only earn points in Flensburg, but can also lead to a driving ban. Until a few years ago, these fines were considered a trivial offense if the speed was exceeded, but that has changed a lot. Unfortunately, more and more accidents happen due to high speeds, even within built-up areas. Therefore, everyone should know exactly what offenses they can expect to be banned from driving.

When is the speed camera invalid? The info!

Speed ​​camera radar detector town Penalties Points, fines, driving ban: the speed limit!

Unfortunately, it is almost normal for young people to drive faster than allowed. However, the consequences here can be bad because the younger drivers often cannot correctly assess certain risks. Pedestrians, children and cyclists are at risk from cities in many areas, which can then lead to severe penalties. Likewise, driving too fast in schools is punished more severely, since a child can run onto the street at any time. Of course, the penalties are graduated, because driving a little too fast is the mildest punishment. The fines start at 30 euros, and you can drive up to 10 km / h faster. If you were 11 or 15 kilometers per hour too fast, you can almost double, namely 50 euros. If you were too fast up to 20 km / h, you have to dig deeper. A fine of 70 euros is due here.

Some severe punishments in the village!

Speed ​​camera radar detector town penalty 3 points, fine, driving ban: the speed limit!

Then it gets really expensive and there are driving bans and points in Flensburg. If you were more than 21 km / h too fast, you will be fined 80 euros and may have to walk for a month. However, discussions on the 2020 catalog of fines are still ongoing. At 21 km / h too much is also possible no Driving ban becomes due. But if you were traveling too much at 26 to 30 km / h, you can expect a driving ban of one month and a fine of 80 euros. In addition, there is a point in Flensburg for every offense, whereby the penalties are always based on the amount of speeding. But that doesn't deter some people, they often drive more than 70 km / h too fast. But this can be very expensive, because 680 euros are due here. There are also 2 points in Flensburg and a driving ban of 3 months is imposed. And who then out of anger showing the finger, he's got a lot of trouble!

Violation in km / hPenalty in €Pointsdriving ban
max. 1030
Max. 11-1550
Max. 16-2070
Max. 21-258011 Monat
Max. 26-3010011 Monat
Max. 31-4016021 Monat
Max. 41-5020021 Monat
Max. 51-6028022 months
Max. 61-7048023 months
about 7068023 months

Sometimes severe punishments outside the village!

Violation in km / hPenalty in €Pointsdriving ban
max. 1020
Max. 11-1540
Max. 16-2060
Max. 21-25701
Max. 26-308011 Monat
Max. 31-4012011 Monat
Max. 41-5016021 Monat
Max. 51-6024021 Monat
Max. 61-7044022 months
about 7060023 months

What happens during the trial period?

Driving school retraining trial period points, fine, driving ban: the speed limit!

Of course, what the legislator has taken into account can happen quickly. Anyone who doesn't get a fine of more than 60 euros was lucky. The same rules apply here as apply to all other drivers. But then other rules apply that do not only include higher penalties. In the event of negligence, the trial period can be extended by two years. If someone drives more than 20 kilometers per hour too fast, it is a so-called A violation. In such cases, in addition to the fine and the points, you must also attend an advanced seminar. However, many do not know the exact contents of the A violations and B violations, which can lead to uncertainty. The legislature distinguishes the following violations, such as that Passing a red light or disregarding the right of way rule. These are so-called A violations, which also includes unauthorized overtaking. B violations are traffic violations that are less serious. These violations include those who drive tires with an insufficient tread depth or who overdue the main and exhaust emissions tests. These violations also include who during the Driving on the cell phone, he must also face a penalty. The punishment here always depends on the offense. If an accident should happen, tougher laws and regulations apply.

What does the tolerance deduction mean, or what does it mean exactly?

Everyone will have heard the term tolerance deduction before, but only a few know the exact meaning. It is more important, how is this deduction calculated? Anyone flashing at a speed of 100 km / h will be billed at 3 km / h. If the speed is higher, then 3% will be charged. It does not matter whether the offense occurred within a closed village, on a country road or on a motorway. The tolerance deduction is calculated because the devices can sometimes be a little less precise.

PS. If a driving ban has been issued, then there is certain conditions the possibility of submitting a so-called pardon to court. There is more on this topic in the following article! And according to the judgment (Az .: 2 BvR 1616/18) of the BVerfG of December 15, 2020 Every driver who has doubts about the lightning notice is entitled to the Raw measurement data of the affected radar device. More about the verdict can be found here. PPS: Do you know the strangest road traffic fines here and abroad? We have summarized them:

in summary a few important information:

  • Fines catalog distinguishes a speed limit outside of town and within towns
  • The maximum speed outside of built-up areas is 3 km / h (vehicles up to 3 tons) in accordance with Section 2 Paragraph 100 Number 3,5 of the Road Traffic Ordinance.
  • for motorists, a speed of 130 km / h applies on motorways (recommended maximum speed)
  • Up to 20 km / h too fast on the highway between 20 and 60 euros fine
  • out of town at 26 km / h more, there is a driving ban
  • In urban areas, the maximum speed for cars, motorbikes and all other motor vehicles is 50 km / h
  • Speeding in urban areas up to 20 km / h costs between 30 and 70 euros (no points or driving ban)
  • from 21 km / h and more higher fines and points in Flensburg as well as driving bans
  • Exceeding the speed in special traffic situations
    with even more sanctions that relate to specific traffic situations
  • Danger points such as level crossings, intersections etc. cost too quickly 100 euros and a point in Flensburg
  • Driving too fast near children, there is a risk of 80 euros and a point
  • traveling too fast with snow chains and exceeding 50 km / h by 10 km / h must expect a fine of 20 to 30 euros (for snow chains, 50 km / h apply in urban and extra-urban areas according to § 3 paragraph 4 StVO)
  • Radar detectors are prohibited

Speed ​​camera radar detector town penalty 2 points, fine, driving ban: the speed limit!

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