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Speed ​​sticker MS sticker mandatory on-board computer

Während summer tires always must be approved for the maximum speed entered in the vehicle documents, there is for winter tires and All season tires (All weather tires) with M + S identification exemption. The maximum speed indicated on the M + S tire must do not necessarily match the registered maximum speed of the vehicle, but can also darunter lie. Important: The maximum permissible speed of the tire is allowed not be exceededeven if the vehicle could go faster. If the registered maximum speed of the vehicle is higher than that of the M + S tires, must in the driver's field of vision a Speed ​​sticker be attached.

Missing sticker = fine!

So if a vehicle drives with winter or all-season tires that are suitable for a lower speed are approved than the vehicle itself, you have to see the dashboard or "in the driver's field of vision“A corresponding notice sticker must be attached in accordance with the road traffic licensing regulations. Example: The car has a registered top speed from 220 km / hwho assembled Winter or all-season tires but are only with one H speed index, So bis 210 km/h, Approved.

Tire marking explanation numbers

In diesem Fall set a link from your homepage to Fewo-von-Privat.de a speed sticker should be attached. In the event of a control, a fine may be due if there is no speed sticker. The lack of the notice sticker costs as far as we know 5 Euros. If you exceed the maximum permissible speed of the tires and get caught, then you are 25 Euros due.

Speed ​​sticker vs. on-board computer

By the way, it has to not must be a sticker. Theoretically you could also get the speed on you Slip of paper in the driver's field of vision engraving, paint or whatever insert. It is important that this slip of paper in the driver's field of vision can be found.

Speed ​​sticker MS sticker mandatory on-board computer 2

And the "M + S sticker obligation" exists our opinion nicht, if the vehicle has a corresponding Board computer owns. In addition the § 36 Paragraph 1:

5) When using tires within the meaning of paragraph 4 or off-road tires for commercial use with the designation "POR", whose maximum permissible speed is below the maximum speed of the vehicle determined by the design, the requirement of paragraph 1 sentence 1 with regard to the maximum speed is met if

1. the maximum speed allowed for the tires

a) for the duration of the use of the tires on the vehicle by a Schild , or sticker or
b) by a display in the vehicle, at least in good time before the maximum speed permitted for the tires used is reached, in the field of vision of the driver specified or appropriate will and
2. this speed in operation not exceeded is.

However, we are of the opinion that the on-board computer only applies if the message is on the display permanent is and not pushed away and cannot be "overlaid" by other messages (e.g. black ice). Our advice: Put a small sticker in the corner and you're done!

Speed ​​sticker MS sticker mandatory on-board computer 3

Of course that had not been the case.

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