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Traffic ticket supermarket Knoellchen

A ticket when shopping in a supermarket? Parking in supermarket car parks can get expensive if you do maximum parking time exceeds. Few motorists may have thought about parking in the supermarket car park. The parking lot is often only used for the short walk to the shop. But sometimes you also do a few other errands on foot in the vicinity. However, it should be noted that operators of supermarkets, DIY stores or other shopping facilities limit the parking time in their parking lots and are increasingly doing so private service providers let protect. They then monitor compliance with the parking time. In this way, traders want to prevent the parking space, which is so valuable in inner cities, from being used up unnecessarily long blocked or misused is.

information on signs

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A first indication of the “rules of the game” when parking in front of a supermarket is often provided by the relevant ones Information signs. They contain information such as the maximum parking time and possibly the obligation to use of a parking disc. They also provide information about the possible consequences of non-compliance. Consequences could penalties or paid towing being. But the signs have to clearly visible and in sufficient numbers installed in the parking lot. Unlike in the public parking space, there is no warning fine, but a penalty effective. By parking the vehicle, the driver agrees to the terms and conditions and thus enters into a contract with the owner. If the driver of the vehicle violates the contract, he risks a corresponding sanction from the operator.

A receipt can come to the rescue

Shopping list ticket

Such a private ticket is relatively expensive and usually costs between 20 and 30 Euro. But that's not all not only third-party or long-term parkers. Supermarket customers can easily fall into the trap too, for example if they forget to place their parking disc in a visible place. In this case, it is advisable to contact the operator and, if necessary, make the purchase using receipt to prove. As a gesture of goodwill, most operators grant cancellation of the sanction. A Got to but it isn't! A purchase receipt should therefore always be taken away, in order to be able to prove your own purchase afterwards.

check the amount of the fine

In any case, those affected should check whether a objection against the penalty imposed. penalties from 50 euros or more are considered unreasonably high. So you can take action against them. Also Missing or dirty signs can justify an objection. Here it is advisable that the signs are missing or not sufficiently legible to document with a photo, Also the Details of the composition of costs should be checked. If, for example, a towing preparation is noted that never took place, this should be criticized. In this case, it is best to contact the operator of the parking lot or the surveillance company in writing. In any case, ignoring the operator's attempts to contact you is not a promising idea. In this case you can Dunning fees or collection or legal costs threaten and thus make the purchase really expensive.

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